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Long Distance Hiking recommended route Stage 18

Nógrád - Becske (OKT-18)

· 6 reviews · Long Distance Hiking · Börzsönyvidék · Open
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  • Photo: Burger Barna, Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség
m 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 50 40 30 20 10 km Naszály Megvilágosodás-sztúpa, Becske Prónay-kilátó (Romhány)
Throughout the 18th section the Blue Trail explores the rolling hills of West Cserhát between Börzsöny and Mátra. The only exception that rises relatively higher is the horst of Naszály near Vác.
Distance 59.2 km
18:00 h
1,885 m
1,880 m
652 m
153 m
From Nógrád the trail takes you to Nagy-Kő-hegy, a peripheral hill of Börzsöny with a view back on the Danube, Visegrád Mountains and the vast forest of High Börzsöny. It is time to say goodbye to volcanic formations and enter west Cserhát dominated by sedimentary rock. The trail climbs up to the horst of Naszály, which, interestingly, belongs to Pilis Mountains as its bedrock stretches from below the volcanic andesite of Visegrád Mountains reaching the surface here. Past Naszály the trail enters the typical Cserhát landscape with rolling hills and small villages in the valleys. Local settlements have been losing their population as mining and related industries had declined and they lack alternatives and prospects.

Author’s recommendation

  • Visit the memorial pole of Pál Rockenbauer (renowned hiker, tv editor, creator of a legendary hiking documentary on the Blue Trail) at Katalinpuszta (the place of his death).
  • Make a detour on Naszály to Násznép Cave.
  • Visit the Buddhist stupa near Becske on Csiga-hegy with a beautiful view.

Recommended entries and exits

  • Magyarkút (OKTPH_85_1): Magyarkút train stop
  • Szendehely (OKTPH_86_1, OKTPH_86_2): Bus stop “Szendehely, általános iskola
  • Ősagárd (OKTPH_87_1, OKTPH_87_): Bus stop “Ősagárd, Rákóczi u. 51.” and “Ősagárd, orvosi rendelő
  • Felsőpetény (OKTPH_88): Bus stop “Felsőpetény, szövetkezeti italbolt
  • Alsópetény (OKTPH_89_1, OKTPH_89_2): Bus stop “Alsópetény, községháza
  • Romhány (OKTPH_90_1, OKTPH_90_2): Bus stop “Romhány, Fáradt Vándor Panzió és Étterem” and a“Lilla presszó” 
  • Kétbodony (OKTPH_91): Bus stop “Kétbodony, községháza
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Áron Dömsödi
Update: January 02, 2023
Highest point
., 652 m
Lowest point
., 153 m
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Rest stops

Fáradt Vándor Panzió


Nógrád, railway station (216 m)
47.902595, 19.045954
47°54'09.3"N 19°02'45.4"E
34T 353965 5307322


Becske, village center

Turn-by-turn directions


Follow the Blue (K) marker all along the trip.

  • From Nógrád hike to Magyarkút via Nagy-Kő-hegy.
  • Hike uphill to Szendehely.
  • From Szendehely climb up to the peak of Naszály and proceed to Ősagárd.
  • Hike through woods, clear-cuts and pastures to the outskirts of Felsőpetény and proceed to Alsópetény along a valley.
  • Cross the hills to reach Romhány and proceed to Kétbodony on a paved road.
  • Traverse the woods to finish the section in Becske.

Detailed description

Nógrád – Szendehely

Past Nógrád the trail begins to ascend a hill affording great views of Börzsöny you have just left, although it is still the same volcanic bedrock that you are hiking on. Traversing a series of meadows along Morgó Creek cross the rails to hike uphill towards Nagy-Kő-hegy (383 m). Despite its low height you may feel like standing high due to the steep cliffs in the north and west (stamper at Lokó picnic spot).

The grassy top offers a view over the Danube and Börzsöny in the background. Check the path among the trees along the rim as in a few maters at a memorial pole a view of wider angle unfolds. The trail gets a little monotonous descending towards Magyarkút (stamper at the pub near Irma-forrás).

Hike along the valley of Keskeny-bükki Creek to Szendehely. Past Holy Trinity Chapel the trail turns left to the center and the busy main street (stamper at Szepi fogadó (Szepi Inn).

Szendehely – Ősagárd

Proceed to the Picnic Center of Katalinpuszta in the valley near the village (stamper at the ticket office). The trail follows the nature trail of Gyada gradually ascending along the northern slope of Naszály. You will cross a suspension bridge over a draw and pass a picnic spot at Bik-kút. After a lengthy hike the trail turns sharply right and begins a steep ascent.

Following the tiring climb you will reach a side plateau of the hill. The sinkhole on the right signals the calcareous activity inside the hill. Szinlő Cave was formed on the border of sandstone and limestone. It is an important habitat for bats in winters. Make a short detour on Blue ▲ (K▲) spur trail to the right for the great view over the Danube from Látó-hegy.

The next ascent finally takes you to the peak of Naszály (652 m). This is the highest point of this section, however, the view is somewhat obstructed by outgrowing trees even from the top of the decaying geodesic tower. From the peak the trail starts to ascend to the bottom of the hill and turns northeast towards Ősagárd along a forest track. After crossing a meadow and rounding a hill you will arrive at the village (a stamper on the Blue Trail pole on the corner of Rákóczi Street and Szabadság Street; another on a pole on the corner of Rákóczi Street and Dózsa György Street).

Ősagárd – Alsópetény

Past Ősagárd the trail continues on a dirt track ascending on the hill near the village. After rounding the head of Bogárdi Creek valley the trail continues in the woods. Hike downhill through the fields and pastures that stretch up the slope to arrive at Felsőpetény (stamper at Petényi Pub).

The trail does not cross the village but continues east towards Alsópetény. Cross the creek connecting the two villages and hike along the slope of Homok-hegy (Sand Hill) to enter Alsópetény at the lower end (stamper at the bus stop and at Retro Man Pub).

Alsópetény – Kétbodony

Climb up to Korpa-hegy above the village on a dirt track. Following a short descent you will pass Kékesi hunters’ lodge with a log structure on the top stone walls. The trail ascends another hill and starts rolling northeast through hornbeam woods. Past a picnic spot you will exit the woods and the view unfolds with Romhány in the basin. During Socialism the town was an important center of ceramic industry obtaining raw material from a mine near Felsőpetény. By today most of the production capacity and jobs have been cut. Make a detour to visit the 200-year-old Rákóczi Turkish hazel tree. Legend has it that Rákóczi was observing the course of a battle near Romhány (1710) from here but the age of the tree rules out this scenario.

The trail across the town is lined by signs of declined industry. Follow the road to Kétbodony (stampers in Romhány at Lilla Pub and Fáradt Vándor Family Hotel and Restaurant; stamper in Kétbodony in the pub).

Kétbodony – Becske

Although the Blue Trail avoids it, make a detour to the reservoir among the hills north of the village. Hike up to Cser-hát (349 m), which has a significance for two reasons. On the one hand it is the eponym of the region, on the other hand, despite its low height it is the dividing range for Zagyva and Ipoly rivers. The landscape gets dominated by groves scattered with fields as the trail approaches and crosses the railroad along Galga Creek. Cross the hump to arrive at Becske (stamper at a small food store past the bridge over the creek (8/A Ady Endre Street), and at Galga Pub, and at Máder ice cream shop).


all notes on protected areas

Public transport


  • Nógrád train station by trains from Vác, Drégelypalánk and Balassagyarmat.
  • Get off at bus stop “Nógrád, vasútállomás” from Vác or Rétság.
  • Get on at Becske alsó train stop to reach Aszód or Balassagyarmat.
  • Get on at bus stop “Becske, nógrádkövesdi elágazás” in the center of the village.

Getting there

  • Look for the markers at the level crossing of the train station in Nógrád.
  • Take the road from Becske train stop to Becske (2 km).
  • The bus stop in Becske lies on the Blue Trail.


  • In Nógrád, free of charge parking near the train station building.
  • In Becske park your car in the village center.


47.902595, 19.045954
47°54'09.3"N 19°02'45.4"E
34T 353965 5307322
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Author’s map recommendations

  • Hiking map of Cserhát (Beware that some maps of Cserhát are only partial.)


Basic gear: hiking boots, seasonable wear, drinking water, food. Use Természetjáró app. to navigate.

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Questions and answers

Question from Krasznai István · November 10, 2021 · Community
Ősagárdon hol érdemes sátrazni ? a kék útvonalon ,Ősagárd előtt van valami vagy utána ahol lehet ?
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Answered by Ágnes Fehér · November 11, 2021 · Community
Nem sátraztam a környéken, nem tudom, hol lehet.


Norbert Zsalakó
February 28, 2022 · Community
Mi három részletben csináltuk meg ezt a szakaszt (Nógrád/Katalinpuszta/Felsőpetény/Becske), különböző évszakokban. Nagyon változatos útvonal, legtöbb helyen kellemes dombok, egyedül a Naszály megmászása jelent komolyabb kihívást. Jelzések végig könnyen követhetők. Becskéről vasárnaponként este közvetlen busz van Budapestre
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59.2 km
18:00 h
1,885 m
1,880 m
Highest point
652 m
Lowest point
153 m
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