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Naszály Hill

Summit · Cserhátvidék · 651 m
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  • Naszály Hill with the limestone mine.
    Naszály Hill with the limestone mine.
    Photo: Áron Dömsödi, Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség
It is easy to identify the horst of Naszály rising above Vác and the Danube with a huge mine pit in its side. Despite the ugly landscape intervention Naszály is still an exciting destination.

Several caves, beautiful views and the popular picnic center at the northern foot make Naszály (652 m) truly worth a visit.

It is the westernmost and highest peak of Cserhát. Past a steep ascent you will reach the peak with a decaying geodesic tower. The view is somewhat obstructed by outgrowing trees, especially in summer, even from the top of the tower, which is strongly disadvised to climb. The view includes Budapest and the island of Szentendre, the winding Danube bordered by ranges of Pilis and Börzsöny.

A little lower (534 m) lookout point at Látó-hegy (Vision Peak) with a cross honoring Saint Margaret of Hungary is considered to be more beautiful offering a splendid wide angle view.

At the northern foot of Naszály there is a picturesque meadow near Lósi Creek called Gyadai-rét. “Gyadai” nature trail guide visitors through the area introducing flora and fauna of the area. It is worth starting from the picnic center of Szendehely-Katalinpuszta (Katalinpusztai Kirándulóközpont), which provides a range of further attractions for children.

The main rock mass is composed of Triassic limestone and dolomite and mining began in the 17th century. The current multilevel mine pit opened in 1963 with an area of 105 hectares. A smaller clay pit is also in operation with an area of 45 hectares. Limestone is excavated by blasting and drilling. Ground material is transported to the cement factory of Vác by a 3-km-long conveyor belt. The deposit is estimated to last for more than 100 years. The pit is a popular source of minerals also accessible for collectors on a few open days throughout the year.

The strongly calcareous Dachstein limestone encases several caves and dwellings. The best-known ones include the Naszályi-víznyelőbarlang (Doline of Naszály), Nincskegyelem-aknabarlang (No mercy Cave; the name derives from the possible fate of a cave discovered in a mine site) and Násznép-barlang (Wedding guests Cave). Each cave has a protected status. The first two are visitable only by permission from Duna–Ipoly National Park while Násznép-barlang is open to public. Head east from Naszály peak along the Blue (K) Trail and past around 1 km take the Blue Ω (KΩ) to arrive at the cave. It has three large and more small rooms and most of them are open to the public. The cave serves as a hibernacle for bats so it is closed from September 1 to April 30.

There are more folk legends to account for the name of the cave. Some believe the name derives from a case when wedding guests from Kosd hid in the cave from Turkish troops. Others sources claim that the cave was the venue for a wedding of a rich boy and a poor girl hiding from the furious father. The cave is said to be the hideout for Jánusik and Ilcsik, outlaws of the area in the 18th century hiding their treasure here.

On the northwestern slope of Naszály off the Blue Trail a memorial pole commemorates Pál Rockenbauer (renowned hiker, tv editor, creator of a legendary hiking documentary on the Blue Trail), who died here while hiking.

Those who would not like to climb to the peak can enjoy the view over the Danube from a lookout point below the mine pit accessible by car from Vác along Gombás-dűlő.

Opening hours

Open all year round.


Free of charge.
Profile picture of Zsuzsa Lévai
Zsuzsa Lévai 
Update: December 29, 2019

Public transport

  • Get off at Vác railway station.
  • Get off at bus stop “Szendehely, általános iskola
  • Get off at bus stop “Szendehely-Katalinpuszta” to reach the picnic center at Katalinpuszta.
  • Get off at bus stop “Ősagárd, Rákóczi u. 51.” or “Ősagárd, orvosi rendelő”.

Getting there

  • From the picnic center of Katalinpuszta, follow the Blue (K) Trai to the peak
  • From Ősagárd, follow the Blue (K) markers along Szabadság Street to the peak.
  • From bus stop “Szendehely, általános iskola” take the Blue (K) Trail in Szabadság Street and hike to the peak via the picnic center of Katalinpuszta.
  • From Vác railway station, follow the Yellow (S) markers along Naszályi Street and Gombási Street. Pass below Road M2 through the underpass where the Yellow (S) Trail bends sharply right. From Gombási pihenő, take the Yellow ▲ (S▲) spur trail to the peak.
  • From Kosd, follow the Green ↺ (Z↺) markers to Naszály. At a triple junction it merges with the Blue (K) Trail and they share a path to the peak.


  • Free parking at “Kosdi pihenő”, Kosd
  • Free parking at “Gombási pihenő”, Vác
  • Paid parking at Katalinpusztai Kirándulóközpont, Szendehely


47.833702, 19.152034
47°50'01.3"N 19°09'07.3"E
34T 361709 5299470
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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