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Trekking in the Stelvio National Park

Magashegyi túrázás · Val di Sole, Pejo e Rabbi
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APT Valli di Sole, Peio e Rabbi igazolt partner  A felfedezők választása 
  • Trekking im Nationalpark Stilfserjoch
    Trekking im Nationalpark Stilfserjoch
    Fénykép: Ph Guide Alpine Val di Sole, APT Valli di Sole, Peio e Rabbi
m 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 40 30 20 10 km Marteller Hütte CEVEDALE "GUIDO LARCHER" SAENT "SILVIO DORIGONI" Zufallhütte
A 6 day tour, going from to rifugio to rifugio in the Ortles-Cevedale group to discover, Val di Rabbi, Val di Peio and Val Martello.
Hossz 47,8 km
19:13 óra
3 628 m
3 510 m
3 119 m
1 483 m
A journey through Trentino and Alto Adige and a succession of vallies and alpine passes. A variation of natural environments: from floral fields on the valley floor, rich pasture land, foaming waterfalls right up to the snow covered peaks and the mountain lakes.

A szerző tippje

In the heart of the Central Alps in the Stelvio National Park, one of the oldest in Italy, and which since 1935 safeguards this marvellous alpine land and protects the flora and fauna in this naturalistic area located between the Province of Trento and Bolzano and the region of Lombardy.
APT Valli di Sole, Peio e Rabbi profilképe
APT Valli di Sole, Peio e Rabbi
frissítve: 2018-03-27
I, <30°, PD- közepes
Legmagasabb pont
3 119 m
Legalacsonyabb pont
1 483 m
Ajánlott időszak


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Marteller Hütte

Biztonsági előírások

This itinerary necessitates experience at high altitudes, and knowledge of the equipment, such as ice-pick and crampons. Entrust the professionalism of the Val di Sole Alpine Guides for help and advice.

  • Choose a route suitable for your capability and pre-preparation.
  • Leave information of your itinerary and approximate return time.
  • Pay attention to the signs and indications found on the way.
  • Do not hesitate to return if necessary.
  • In the case of accident or emergency, call 118.

All the information given in this profile is subject to change or alteration and therefore not always absolutely valid. It is not possible to completely avoid inaccuracies due to the very rapid changes in weather or environmental conditions, which can verify themselves without warning. For this reason, we accept No responsibility for eventual changes, which may affect the person involved. We strongly advise that weather and/or environmental conditions be checked before departure.

Please note that the practicability of the itineraries in a mountain environment is strictly linked to the contingent conditions and is therefore influenced by natural phenomena, environmental changes and weather conditions. For this reason, the information contained in this page may have changed. Before leaving for a tour, make sure the path you will approach is still accessible by contacting the owner of the mountain hut, the alpine guides or the visitor centres of the nature parks, the info offices of the local tourist board.

Hasznos linkek és ötletek

The itinerary takes place over 6 days.
Altitude difference 600/900m a day.

DAY 1: Car park, Cavallar, Rabbi (1.423m), Malga Caldesa (2.054m), Rifugio Stella Alpina al Lago Corvo (2.435m)
DAY 2: Rifugio Stella Alpina at Lago Corvo (2.435m), Cima Collecchio (2.957m), Giogo Nero (2.822m), Rifugio Saent S.Dorigoni (2.436m)
DAY 3: Rifugio Saent S.Dorigoni (2.436m), Ghiacciaio di Grames e Punta Rossa di Martello (3.033m), Rifugio Martello (2.610m), in the case of bad weather, Passo di Saent (2.965m), Rifugio N. Corsi (2.265m), Rifugio Martello (2.610m)
DAY 4: Rifugio Martello (2.610m), Passo della Forcola (3.032m), Cima Nera (3.037m), Rifugio Cevedale G. Larcher (2.608m)
DAY 5: Rifugio Cevedale G. Larcher (2.608m), Ghiacciaio del Careser, Bocca di Saent (3.121m), Rifugio Saent S. Dorigoni (2.436m)
DAY 6: Rifugio Saent S. Dorigoni (2.436m), Alpe di Campisol Aut (2.445m), Bait Forborida (2.149m), Malga Stablasolo (1.539m), along the Fauna path | in the case of bad weather, Larici Monumentali, Cascate di Saent (1.755m), Malga Stablasolo (1.539m)

Rifugio Saent S. Dorigoni (2.436m)
Rifugio Cevedale G. Larcher (2.608m)
Rifugio Stella Alpina at Lago Corvo (2.435m)
Rifugio Martello (2.610m)
Rifugio Nino Corsi (2.265m)

Rifugio Martello
Rifugio Corsi
Rifugio Cevedale G. Larcher
Val di Sole Mountain Guides
National Stelvio Park
Weather in Trentino
Val di Sole Tourist Board


Car park Cavallar Rabbi (1 483 m)
46.414057, 10.823456
46°24'50.6"N 10°49'24.4"E
32T 640136 5141669
Mutasd a térképen


Trekking in the Stelvio National Park


EE - Escursionisti Esperti (Expert Hiker)
From Piazzola di Rabbi go up to the hamlet of Cavallar. You can leave on foot from the car park just above the village (1.450m) or the Malga Samoclevo (1.892m) can be reached by shuttle bus (pre-booking is obligatory). From the malga, you can enjoy one of the finest views of the Val di Rabbi: from here continue on the SAT 108 on the way to Lago Corvo. Once having crossed the torrent you will reach Malga Caldesa Alta, from where there is an excellent panorama of the Brenta Dolomites and Presanella, and finally Rifugio Stella Alpina al Lago Corvo (2.425m).

EE - Escursionisti Esperti (Expert Hiker)
This is the most classic journey between the rifugi and passes the Cima Collecchio, an authentic viewpoint between the Dolomites and the Ortles-Cevedale group. From Rifugio Lago Corvo (2.425m) take the SAT 145, which reaches the Laghi Corvo (the lakes) (2.464m) which are of glacial origin and where there are numerous Salmerini (Alpine trout), and of course marmots. This is the beginning of the climb to Cima Collecchio, the path is excellent but often snow covered, even at the start of the season. Along an easy crest you reach Passo Giogo Nero, where, you begin a long descent on the SAT 107, exposed but not too steep until arriving at the flat pastureland near Rifugio Saent S. Dorigoni (2.437m).

EEA - Escursionisti Esperti con Attrezzature (Expert Equipped Hike)
This stretch of the route takes place on the path from Rifugio Dorigoni in Val di Rabbi to Val Martello. It unfolds through alpine plains in the Val di Saent and descends a steep valley above the Zufrittsee Lake. Departure from Rifugio Saent S. Dorigoni following SAT 101 to Passo di Saent (2.965m). From here there are two alternatives: the recommended route foresees the crossing of the ‘Grames’ glacier by way of path 37A and the ascent to Cima Rossa di Martello Vorderer Rotspitz (3.033m). The final stretch leads to a steep road secured with rope. In order to pass this point it is vital to be in possession of the correct equipment. From the summit descend along path 37 until arriving at Rifugio Martello Marteller Hutte (2.610m). At the crossroads pay attention to the signs, which are not very clear. Along, this route it is always possible to catch sight of marmots, Roe deer and Stags, especially on the slopes beneath Cima Rossa di Martello.
The second alternative in case of bad weather conditions, is the descent from Passo di Saent on the right by way of path 12 coasting the vedretta di Saent and crossing the base to 2.105m. Subsequently, firstly by way of path 36 and then path 150, you will reach Rifugio Corsi Zufall Hutte (2.265m). Finally, by way of 103 you will arrive at Rifugio Martello (2.610m).

EEA - Escursionisti Esperti con Attrezzature (Expert Equipped Hike)
Leaving from Rifugio Martello Marteller Hutte (2.610m) and its spectacular view of Monte Cevedale Zufallspitze (3.757m). Standing out between the last of the larch trees, and taking the SAT 103, in about 30 minutes you reach the start of Vedretta della Forcola. It is worth beginning the climb about 100m to the right (north-west) of the long morain, which covers the glacier, until it flattens out just below the Passo della Forcola. Follow the glacier until it terminates, against the slope, crossing from right to left until reaching the Passo (indicated by wooden poles. It is recommended that this itinerary be undertaken in good conditions where there is sufficient visibility, and with the use of crampons and rope. On the Vedretta della Forcola, just below the passo of the same name, there is the possibility of crevasses at right angles unlike the ascent.
From Passo della Forcola,on a good path, steep only at the start, descend to Val de la Mare, where there is a very good view of the enormous accumulation of rocks and boulders, left by the movement of the glaciers, and possibly a herd of Roe –Deer. The glaciological and geomorphological appearance are amongst the most interesting in the Ortles-Cevedale group. Always following the SAT 103 you reach the Rifugio Cevedale G. Larcher (2.608m).

EEA - Escursionisti Esperti con Attrezzature (Expert Equipped Hike)
This route is the natural connection between the Val di Peio (Val de la Mare) and Val di Rabbi (Val di Saent). The SAT 104 starts close to Rifugio Cevedale G. Larcher (2.608m) and ascends for the first few hundred metres and then descends to the valle del Lago Lungo (2.630m). After a flat stretch, the path diverts to the left and rises sharply with parts often covered in snow, and meets a number of small lakes (Le Pozze). You then reach the north crest of the Cima Lago Lungo (3.149m) followed by a descent to Vedretta della Careser where you meet the SAT 104A. From here ascend through small valleys and debris until reachinga huge wooden totem pole (for orientation purposes in case of fog) and the climb on the glacier, the first part being quite steep but subsequently getting flatter until reaching Bocca di Saent (3.121m). Due to the shrinkage of the Careser Glacier, a new route has been created in the area to the east. The stretch of glacier is approximately 1km long and not too steep as to risk slipping. From the Bocca di Saent keep circa 500m to the right (north) of the rocks which connect Cima Careser to Cima Campisol, and keeping parallel you will encounter a huge wooden pole. From the Bocca di Saent there is a descent across some grassy slopes to reach Val Saent and the SAT 101 which in a very short time will take you to Rifugio Saent S. Dorigoni (2.436m).
During the crossing, there is a marvellous view of the crest from Monte Vioz to Monte Cevedale and you can witness the action of the glacier in the past and its significance both environmentally and climatically. It is recommended that this itinerary be undertaken when there is good visibility and weather conditions and with sufficient experience and physical training. In the event of recent snowfall, the ascent to Bocca di Saent and crossing the glacier may become difficult due to the fact that the trail is not visible. Here ski poles are very useful. In normal circumstances, crampons and rope are not necessary. Weather conditions can be checked by contacting Rifugio Dorigoni or Rifugio Larcher.

EE - Escursionisti Esperti (Expert Hiker)
Crossing the field below Rifugio Saent S. Dorigoni (2.436m), at the junction of 106 and 128 is the SAT 128 which should be taken to reach Baito della Valletta. At this ppoint, keep right and take care to follow the cairns (stone piles) which lead to Baito Campisol Alto. The path, although not technically difficult requires good attention in order to identify the cairns. From Baito Campisol Alto descend to Malga Stablasolo (1.529m) from where the SAT 106 will take you back to the Coler car park (1.380m).


Minden tájékoztatás a védett területekről


By train to Trento (Verona-Brennero line) and from here, take the Trento-Malè-Mezzana (Val di Sole) local train to any station where buses are available, for the latest timetable go to


Take the A22 motorway and exit at Trento Nord (if you are coming from the south) or S.Michele all’Adige (if you coming from the north). Proceed in direction Cles, Val di Non, Val di Sole, to Val di Rabbi.

Proceed along the SS42 (direction Passo del Tonale), and follow the signs to Malè and Val di Rabbi. Cross the entire Val di Rabbi.

After the Bagni di Rabbi proceed in the direction Coler (reachable by car or 16 seater shuttlebus). During the summer, the shuttle leaves from the car park and goes to Malga Stablasolo. For information on prices and times, speak to the Visitor Centre Rabbi and Stelvio National Park (Tel. +39 0463 909774 -


Cavallar car park (2km from Piazzola di Rabbi)


46.414057, 10.823456
46°24'50.6"N 10°49'24.4"E
32T 640136 5141669
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A szerző által javasolt térképek:

Carta escursionistica Val di Sole 1:50.000 (Alpenwelt)
Kompass 636 Ortles-Passo dello Stelvio-Valfurva 1:25.000
Kompass 637 Cevedale-Valle di Peio-Alta Valfurva 1:25.000
Tabacco Ortles-Cevedale 1:25.000 (N. 008)
Tabacco Val di Peio Val di Rabbi Val di Sole 1:25.000 (N. 048)
Tabacco Brenta Adamello-Presanella Val di Sole 1:50.000 (N. 010)

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Trekking suitable only for experts equipped with a harness, ice picks, crampons.

Recommended equipment: Waterproof clothes, light but warm (the first layer of clothing in contact with the skin, should be made of polypropylene, a second layer should be of wool or felt (for insulation) and the third layer, waterproof windcheater raincoat in nylon or Gore-Tex and long trousers, heavy walking shoes, (avoid trainers) gloves, hat, a change of clothes, rucksack, water bottle and sleeping bag.

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I, <30°, PD- közepes
47,8 km
19:13 óra
3 628 m
3 510 m
Legmagasabb pont
3 119 m
Legalacsonyabb pont
1 483 m
Körtúra Szép kilátás Evés-ivás lehetőség Növénytani érdekességek Kulturális/történelmi értékek Flóra, fauna Földtani érdekességek Csúcstúra Hegygerinc


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