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  • Panoramic view from Nußhardt (972 m) to Ochsenkopf (1024 m)
    Panoramic view from Nußhardt (972 m) to Ochsenkopf (1024 m) Photo: Jonas Voit, Outdooractive Editors

Fichtel Mountains

The Fichtel Mountains are a low mountain range in the northeast of Bavaria, which continues in the Czech Republic. The mountain range, which runs in the form of a horseshoe, reaches its highest height on the Schneeberg with 1051 m. The diverse landscape of the Fichtel Mountains is characterized not only by dense forests, but also by bizarre rock formations, high moors and springs. The four rivers Main, Eger, Naab and Saale originate here.
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Attractions in the Fichtel Mountains


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Maps and trails
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 42.2 km
Duration 12:30 h
Ascent 1,350 m
Descent 1,450 m

Die zweitägige Gipfelwanderung führt uns - in der Marathondistanz von 42,2 Kilometern - über 9 wunderschöne Aussichtspunkte von Weißenstadt nach ...

from Jochen Pfaff,
Hiking Trail · Upper Palatine Forest
Erlebnisrunde Steinwald
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 15.4 km
Duration 4:31 h
Ascent 548 m
Descent 548 m

Dieser Rundwanderweg beschreibt eine Tour durch den sehenswerten Steinwald. Die zu bewältigenden Höhenmeter lassen sich durch die Auswahl der ...

from Thomy B.,   Community
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 9.9 km
Duration 2:53 h
Ascent 340 m
Descent 334 m

Die familienfreundliche Tour startet am Waldgasthaus Karches und führt über den Nußhardt, Schneeberg und Haberstein.

Premium content Difficulty moderate
Distance 986.4 km
Duration 70:00 h
Ascent 2,462 m
Descent 2,265 m

The Saar-Moselle-Main long-distance cycle route or D-Route 5 runs from Saarbrücken along the Saar, Moselle, Rhine and Main rivers to the Czech ...

from Wiebke Hillen,   Outdooractive Premium
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 21.3 km
Duration 4:26 h
Ascent 371 m
Descent 327 m

Erste Goldsteigtour von Marktredwitz durch das Goldsteigportal zum Marktredwitzer Haus, an der Ruine Weißenstein vorbei zum Wanderparkplatz ...

from Uwe Stanke,
recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 19 km
Duration 9:12 h
Ascent 393 m
Descent 387 m

einfache Wanderung von Marktredwitz über Burg Weißenstein nach Friedenfels

from Erich Schlögl,   Community
Hiking Trail · Fichtelgebirge
Marktleuthen 2
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 5.2 km
Duration 1:30 h
Ascent 61 m
Descent 61 m

This beautiful hike takes us over the Galgenberg and through the Eger valley.

from Marktleuthen,   Outdooractive Editors
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Maps and trails

The Fichtel Mountains, whose largest part lies on Bavarian territory, belongs to the Thuringian-Franconian low mountain range, just like the Thuringian Forest, Thuringian Slate Mountains and Franconian Forest. The low mountain range is limited in the north by the Rehauer Forest and the Elster Mountains, in the northwest by the Franconian Forest and the Vogtland, in the southeast by the Upper Palatinate Forest and in the southwest by the Franconian Fracture Plain.

The nature is very versatile in the Fichtel Mountains: In the middle of the forests one meets bubbling springs and small lakes. Spectacular rock formations like the Luisenburg rock labyrinth are worth a visit. The high moors also tempt you to stay and in the wide valleys there are romantic castle ruins.

In the past, mining was an important source of income in the Fichtel Mountains. In the meantime, however, this is only of historical interest. What remains is the production of glass and porcelain, which can be admired in some places. In the meantime tourism is particularly important: In the summer mainly hikers come, in the winter the mountains offer a skiing area with several lifts and cross-country trails.

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Epprechtstein: Granitbrüche, Ruine und Labyrinth by YETI
April 07, 2023 · Community
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Kraftort Großer Waldstein by Dennis
October 25, 2022 · Community
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When did you do this route? October 24, 2022
Granitlabyrinth by Romy
October 16, 2022 · Community
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Photo: Romy Dietel, Community
Photo: Romy Dietel, Community
Photo: Romy Dietel, Community
Photo: Romy Dietel, Community
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