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Long Distance Hiking recommended route Stage 9

Zirc - Bodajk (OKT-09.)

· 12 reviews · Long Distance Hiking · Bakonyvidék · Open
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  • Photo: Barna Burger, Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség
m 600 500 400 300 200 100 50 40 30 20 10 km Hamuház és Csikling-vár Zirci Arborétum Vadalmás-forrás Római-fürdő Fehérvárcsurgói-víztározó Burok-völgy Gaja-szurdok
The 9th section of the Blue Trail traverses the most varied landscape of Bakony abundant in karst formations and with chilly gorges, spacious treeless pastures, dense forests, caves and cultural attractions.
Distance 57.9 km
16:50 h
1,225 m
1,455 m
462 m
148 m

Leaving Old Bakony behind the region shows different faces. On the outskirts of Bakonynána you will explore the picturesque gorge of Római-fürdő (Roman Bath) then climb across a working woodland to Tési-fennsík (Tési Plateau). The small karst plateau has an extensive cavern underneath and its surface is an excellent location for leveraging wind energy as two old windmills demonstrate it.

The trail descends from Tés to the legendary gorge of Burok-völgy (Burok Valley). On the outskirts of Bakonykúti you will encounter spacious treeless hills with no or just a little shade to enjoy on a hot summer’s day.

Next you will arrive at the reservoir of Fehérvárcsurgó and the park of Károlyi Castle. Finally, Bakony says farewell with the scenic valley of Gaja Creek to arrive at Bodajk along a disused ski slope with a view over Vértes, the next mountain to explore.

Author’s recommendation

  • „The capital of Bakony": Zirc abundant in attractions
  • Károlyi Lookout tower near Bodajk with a view over the valley of Gaja Creek
  • A detour to the Cavern Research Center of Csőszpuszta.
  • A short detour to Római-fürdő, one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Bakony
  • A short detour to Gróf Széchenyi Zsigmond lookout tower between Jásd and Tés with a splendid view to the north
  • Several hikers’ lodges in Kisgyón, an ideal location to stay overnight

Recommended entries and exits

  • Bakonynána (OKTPH_44): bus stop “Bakonynána, Petőfi Sándor utca
  • Jásd (OKTPH_45_1, OKTPH_45_2): bus stop “Jásd, autóbusz-váróterem
  • Tés, Csőszpuszta (OKTPH_46 közelében): bus stop “Tési elágazás
  • Bakonycsernye (OKTPH_47_1, OKTPH_47_2 közelében): bus stop “Bakonycsernye, kisgyóni elágazás
  • Bakonykúti (OKTPH_48): bus stop “Bakonykúti, Szabadság utca
  • Fehérvárcsurgó (OKTPH_49): bus stop “Fehérvárcsurgó, kastély
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Áron Dömsödi 
Update: March 20, 2023
Highest point
462 m
Lowest point
148 m
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Rest stops

Károlyi-kastély Hotel & Restaurant (Fehérvárcsurgó)
Fehérvárcsurgói Vadászház

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Tips and hints



Zirc, railway station (384 m)
47.264709, 17.878625
47°15'53.0"N 17°52'43.0"E
33T 717758 5238600


Bodajk - Csókakő, railway station

Turn-by-turn directions


  • Follow the Blue (K) marker all along the trip.
  • From Zirc follow the paved road to Nagyesztergár.
  • Follow the valley of Gaja Creek from Nagyesztergár to Bakonynána.
  • From Bakonynána continue along Gaja Creek via Római-fürdő to Jásd.
  • Skirting Jásd climb southeast to Tés.
  • Head west from Tés to Csőszpuszta (stamping location) and descend via Hamuház to Kisgyón.
  • Head southeast from Kisgyón and follow the edge of Burok-völgy (Burok Valley) to reach Bakonykúti (stamping location).
  • Exit Bakonykúti to the southeast. Skirt Vaskapu-hegy to arrive at the reservoir of Fehérvárcsurgó.
  • Get the stamper at Becsali Pub in the street at the southeastern end of the lake.
  • The trail curls eastward around the lake via Fehérvárcsurgó.
  • Hike through the gorge of Gaja Creek.
  • At the end of the gorge climb to arrive near Bodajk and cross the village to end the section at Csókakő railway station.

Detailed description

Zirc – Bakonynána

Take the paved road from Zirc to Nagyesztergár. In the valley past the village it is not only the hot weather but the invasion of insects also poses a challenge to hikers.  The trail soon leaves the paved road and continues among pastures and fields. Gaja Creek, which accompanies hikers many times along this section of the trail, is the most abundant flow of water in East Bakony. It used to feed large wetlands around Székesfehérvár forming a natural barrier against invaders.

After a lengthy hike in the bushes and crossing the creek more times the trail climb up to a hill and arrive at Bakonynána on a paved road (stamper at the junction on the utility pole).

Bakonynána – Jásd

The trail continues along a gravel road and past the former sawmill enters the woods paralleling the creek. You will soon arrive at a picnic spot at the junction of Római-fürdő. The gorge boasts a stunning view here with a tiered waterfall of Gaja Creek. A spur trail leads to the famous outlaw Savanyó Jóska’s cave, one of the famous outlaw’s hideout in the side of the rock.

The trail continues along the valley and crosses a spacious meadow. At the roadside the chapel of the holy well hides, which used to be revered as miraculous waters. The trail enters Jásd where two stampers are placed (at the food store and the pub).

Jásd - Csőszpuszta (Tés)

Continue along Patak Street. The trail crosses Gaja Creek and begins an ascent to Tési Plateau on a largely deforested slope. It is a daunting to see the empty slopes without the once splendid beech grove. It takes a short detour to visit Széchenyi Zsigmond Lookout Tower. The trail enters Tés along the main street where the windmills and the smithy are worth the visit. The plateau is quite windy therefore this advantage was taken when 4 windmills were built in the village over the 19th and early 20th century. Two of them are still standing and one is open for visitors. Having 6 blades instead of the usual 4 as well as wooden cover on the blades instead of sailcloth makes them unique in Europe. Recently, the idea of erecting modern windmills was raised, however, the idea was dropped due to environmental considerations.

The top layer of the small plateau is loess covering a limestone bedrock with an extensive cavern system. That is why Alba Regia Cave Research Group established the Cave Research Station of Csőszpuszta here (stamping location).

Csőszpuszta (Tés) – Kisgyón

After stamping return to the Blue (K) Trail and continue to Hamuház (Ash House). Pearl ash produced here from local beech wood was used for glass making. The trail traverses along Tűzköves-árok and leads to the edge of a clear-cut where you can spot Vértes Mountains in the distance. The trail descends to Kisgyón passing by a forest shrine and arrives at Kisgyón Természetbarát-telep (Hikers’ Site). There are two stampers for Kisgyón. One is at Gyöngyvirág hikers’ lodge (a detour of 50 m) and another further on the trail at a junction with a Blue Trail Information Board.

Kisgyón – Bakonykúti

The trail continues over mild slopes. Reaching the edge of the forest you will encounter another face of Bakony Mountains. The trail traverses a landscape with treeless rolling hills along sunlit dirt tracks. You will soon reach the rim of Burok Valley. The steep pine covered valley is a part of the Forest Reserve Program and left intact. The Red (P) trail running in the deep is hard to access due to natural obstacles but it is worth the effort. The stamper in Bakonykúti is placed outside the Mayor’s Office on a utility pole.

Bakonykúti - Fehérvárcsurgó

Climb to the plateau above the village and pass a farm. The trail continues in a mostly treeless terrain. After a short hike in the woods you will arrive at Rákhegy and the reservoir of Fehérvárcsurgó. Here the trail turns towards the park of Károlyi Castle (check the stamper at Becsali Pub).

Becsali Pub (Fehérvárcsurgó) – Bodajk

The trail curls east around the lake and reaches Gaja-szurdok (Gaja Gorge) on the rim of Bakony. It is a popular tourist destination with a varied landscape and numerous picnic spots. At the lower part the creek was dammed to form a pond while further downstream slow and fast flow parts alternate. The trail leads along meadows and cliffs crossing the creek more times to finally wind up to the top of a hill near Bodajk. Where the trail bends sharply left take the spur trail to the right to Károly lookout tower and you can have a view over the gorge you have just hiked through.

The trail descends along a disused ski slope to Bodajk. While hiking downhill the view of Vértes Mountains over the Basin of Mór unfolds in the distance. There is a stamper placed at the ski lodge, another in Fenyő Pub in the village and a third one at Bodajk-Csókakő train stop on a utility pole.


all notes on protected areas

Public transport


  • Get off at Zirc railway station (train services from Győr and Veszprém).
  • Get off at Zirc coach station (bus services from Győr and Veszprém as well as surrounding villages).
  • Get of at Csókakő railway stop (not Bodajk). (Sparse) train services from Komárom and Székesfehérvár.
  • Get off at bus stop „Bodajk, lakótelepi elágazás”. Bus services from Zirc and Székesfehérvár.

Getting there

  • In Zirc the train station and the coach station neighbor each other. Head left along Állomás Street and take the Blue Trail (K) at the end.
  • Csókakő train stop located near Bodajk lies on the Blue Trail (K).


  • Free of charge parking in the parking lot outside Zirc train station.
  • Free of charge parking in Bodajk town center or at the crossroads of Május 1. Street and Táncsics Mihály Street.


47.264709, 17.878625
47°15'53.0"N 17°52'43.0"E
33T 717758 5238600
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Basic gear: hiking boots, seasonable wear, drinking water, food. Use Természetjáró app to navigate.

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57.9 km
16:50 h
1,225 m
1,455 m
Highest point
462 m
Lowest point
148 m
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