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Sárvár - Sümeg (OKT - 02.)

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m 500 400 300 200 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 km Kisfaludy Sándor szülőháza (Sümeg) Alginitbánya Gérce mellett Káld-hidegkúti Kisboldogasszony-kápolna Afrikárium (Sümeg) Püspöki Palota (Sümeg) Scherg Lőrinc síremléke Sitkei kastély Szajki-tavak

This is the second longest flat section of the Blue Trail. Practically, it winds throughout a flat area all the way except some ascent around Kemeneshát. The trail crosses a long and flat stretch of Kisalföld (Small Plain) with a series of tiny villages offering a number of cultural attractions to discover.

71.6 km
18:40 h
450 m
455 m

Having passed Sárvár historic downtown and lakes a paved road takes you out of town. From there onwards the trail traverses extensive plains and clearances in large forests. Volcanic peaks of Kisalföld punctuate the skyline and hikers walk over geological traces of past volcanic activity.

Almost overlapping with St. Mary Trail the Blue Trail skirts small forest chapels to reach Gérce. The nationwide famous Farkaserdő (Wolves’ Grove) offers two educational trails for a short detour to discover local wildlife. The trail passes two forester’s lodges before arriving at Káld. 

The trail crosses Hosszúpereszteg to reach Szajki Lakes, where 10 dams make a series of reservoirs to provide recreational facilities in a relaxing lakeside environment. Approaching Sümeg you will easily identify the solitary Castle Hill, which marks the beginning of the mountainous part of the trail in Bakony Mountains.

Author’s recommendation

Major points of interest:

  • Sárvár: Nádasdy Castle and Museum, arboretum, boating Lake, spas
  • Sitke: Calvary Chapel
  • Alginite Mine between Sitke and Gérce
  • Kissomlyó: volcanological trail
  • Sümeg: Triassic horst, medieval festival, pork knuckle

Points of interest with a short detour:

  • Kalapos-kút (spring) with Kissitke POW camp WW1 memorial
  • Sitke Castle
  • Farkaserdő: mushroom trail, Grave of Forester Lőrinc Scherg, ancient oaks, educational trail
  • Chapel of Káld-Hidegkút
  • Káld: Scherg Lőrinc Lookout
  • Borgáta: spa and water park
  • Szajki Lakes

 Recommended entries and exits

  • Gérce (OKTPH_10_1, OKTPH_10_2): bus stops Gérce, könyvtár or Gérce, autóbusz-váróterem
  • Káld (OKTPH_13_1, OKTPH_13_2): bus stop Káld, Pusztalánci utca
  • Hosszúpereszteg (OKTPH_14): bus stops Hosszúpereszteg, iskola; Hosszúpereszteg, autóbusz-váróterem; Hosszúpereszteg, Hunyadi u.
  • Szajk (OKTPH_15): bus stop Szajki tavak
  • Kisvásárhely (OKTPH_17): bus terminus Kisvásárhely

Highest point
215 m
Lowest point
135 m
Best time of year

Safety information

Beware of road traffic along paved roads and at major crossroads.


Summers in Kisalföld are hot so make sure to have sufficient water. Wear comfortable shoes for the flat area. Make sure to have a rain protection kit in rainy seasons. Use Természetjáró app to navigate.

Tips, hints and links

Sárvár, Nádasdy Castle


Sárvár, Nádasdy Castle (157 m)
47.252829, 16.937502
33T 646601 5235081


Sümeg, Railway station

Turn-by-turn directions


Follow the Blue (K) marker all along the trip.

The Blue Trail from Sárvár to Sitke overlaps with St Mary Trail ( marker) nearly all the way 

The Blue (K) Trail from Gérce to Káld overlaps with Blue (K) biking trail nearly all the way 

Head left at Szajki Lakes (Red (P) markers heading right lead to the three northernmost lakes)

Trail Description

Sárvár – Gérce

Having passed Sárvár Castle you will reach Gyöngyös Creek across a residential area. Cross the bridges over the small ponds behind the spa and hospital. The trail takes you to the main road. Beware of heavy traffic. Cross the bridge over Rába River and continue along the biking lane. Pass the roundabout and after crossing an old bridge over the dry river bed take the first left towards Ostffyasszonyfa (Kenyeri). The trail ascends to a hilltop of Alsó-Kemeneshát and soon reaches Road 84. Be careful when crossing the road to continue along the paved road. Head right and follow the markers along the long and arrow-straight clearance and turn left/east at the fields. Following a dirt track the trail crosses meadows, groves and an abandoned railroad too.

Head right at the edge of the grove. Turn left as the trail joins the country road towards Sitke and walk along the paved road. Then take the first dirt road on the right and continue towards the towers of Calvary Chapel of Sitke. Pass the church and follow the markers along the farm tracks to reach the outskirts of Gérce. There are two options for stamping in the village: one outside the Mayor’s Office and another at Kismackó store and pub on the terrace.

Gérce – Hosszúpereszteg

The trail leaves the main street to the right and ascends along a narrow paved road and passes between two graveyards. After crossing the main road you will soon reach Rózsáskert Forester’s Lodge on the edge of Farkas-erdő with a stamper.

Follow the Blue (K) markers along the paved road and pass the grave of the Scherg couple. Head straight ahead along the paved road to reach Banya-fa Clearing (Ancient Oaks’ Clearing). At a junction, right before the trail bends left you will find Hidegkúti Forester’s Lodge near Csikászó Creek with a stamper on the fence. The trail leaves the paved road and continues along the dirt track on the left. You will have to cross electric fenced areas through gate breaks that you can open and close by the insulated gate handles until you pass. The trail soon reaches Káld.

Stampers are available in Korona Diner and at the school on the fence. The trail exits the village along Rákóczi and Dózsa György Streets. The trail follows the edge of the forest and crosses lands to arrive at Hosszúpereszteg (stamper on the church fence).

Hosszúpereszteg – Sümeg

The trail leads slightly upwards and enters Szajki Forest. Take the dirt track at the “Szajki-tavak” sign on the right and follow it through the woods to the holiday resort. The stamper for Szajki Forester’s Lodge is mounted on a utility pole in front of the lodge.

The trail zigzags through fields, groves and pastures alternating between dirt tracks, clearances and forest roads. After a short hike along a paved road you will reach the clearances of Kávás-kút Forest leading to the southeast. At the edge of the forest head left along the narrow paved road paralleling the rails. The trail joins the road connecting Ötvös and Szalapa. Head right and cross the railway overpass. Soon after entering Zala County turn left onto the forest road and in 100 meters you will find the Ötvös stamper on a tree.

The trail traverses through Dergecs Forest and leads to the paved road to Dabronc. In around 1 km the trail turns sharply right just before the road bends left. Cross the fields along the straight dirt track and head left as you reach the country road. Hike along the road and take the dirt track on the left before entering Mihályfa towards Kisvásárhely (stamper on the belfry). As you leave the village the trail turns right onto a dirt track and leads to the road to Sümeg. Turn left and hike along the road. You will soon reach an arrow straight part and spot the Castle of Sümeg on a horst in the distance. Find the stamper at the railway station on a pole in front of the office.


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Public transport

Public transport friendly

  • Direct train service to Sárvár railway station from Győr, Szombathely, Veszprém, Budapest and Celldömölk. 
  • Bus service from various points of the country to Sárvár Coach Station. To reach the Blue Trail get off at “Termálfürdő”, “Batthyány utca” or “Kórház” stops as being on the trail or 300/400 meters from the trail, respectively.
  • Train service to Sümeg railway station from Tapolca, Celldömölk and Zalaegerszeg. 
  • Bus service to Sümeg coach station from various towns; direct service from Budapest.

Getting there

  • Follow the Blue+ (K+) marker from Sárvár railway station and hike 1.3 kms westward or 1 km eastward to reach the Blue (K) Trail.
  • In Sárvár head east from “Batthyány utca” bus stop along Batthyány Lajos Street and head left to Kossuth Lajos Square with the Blue (K) marker at the end. 
  • From “Kórház” bus stop walk 300 meters northwest or 200 meters southeast to join the Blue (K) Trail. 
  • In Sümeg both the railway station and the coach station lie on the Blue (K) Trail.  


  • Free parking at Sárvár railway station. Free parking all around the town with a time limit of 1 hour. 
  • Free parking in Sümeg. 
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Paragh Béla
October 25, 2019 · Community
Photo: Paragh Béla, Közösség
Szabó Béla
May 24, 2019 · Community
Tetszett ez a túra a szajki tavak volt a legszebb hely annyi baj volt vele hogy a fele túra aszfalton ment végig és fájt tőle a talpam de ezt el tekintve tetszik.
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Kellemeset a hasznossal. :-)
Photo: Szabó Béla, Közösség
Dávid Aschenbrenner
August 16, 2018 · Community
Ebben a szakaszban az egyetlen, ami megerőltető volt, az a hosszú táv, mert szintemelkedés az nincs. Káld és Hosszúpereszteg között először hallottam élőben szarvasbőgést és még látni is lehetett az eseményeket. A Szajki-tavaknál szálltunk meg, ahonnan hajnali 3-kor indultunk, hogy Sümegen elérjük a 10 órás Pesti vonatot. Még 1 km-t sem tettünk meg mikor a fejlámpák fényére 3 db lódarázs jelent meg, ezért fény kikapcsol és spuri a vak sötétben :D. Kisvásárhely előtt a réteken nagyon hangulatos az őszi napfelkelte a hajnali ködös-párás időben, a bagolyhuhogással és a repkedő fácánokkal együtt.
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Done at September 22, 2017

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71.6 km
450 m
455 m
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