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Spartacus Hunting Trail

· 72 reviews · Hiking Trail · Visegrádi-hegység · Open
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  • Szent Mihály-hegy in the distance from Spartacus Trail
    Szent Mihály-hegy in the distance from Spartacus Trail
    Photo: Áron Dömsödi, Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség
An iconic trail in the mountains of Danube Bend traversing steep slopes, levelling around peaks of the area and offering a fantastic view over the Danube valley.
Distance 10.7 km
3:30 h
177 m
433 m
375 m
105 m

One of the most atmospheric trails in the Danube Bend area with a narrow, single-file path levelling among peaks of Visegrád Mountains. It used to be a hunting path, today it is a hiking trail offering a great view over deep valleys of the mountain. When Spartacus Trail traverses barren slopes you can enjoy the amazing beauty of Danube valley, Szent Mihály-hegy and the blanket of forest covering surrounding slopes. Steep slopes, volcanic rock formations and Apát-kúti-völgy (Abbey's Spring Valley) with its rapids and trout ponds each contribute to make your hike memorable.

If you wish for a hike in a picturesque environment but not for a great physical challenge, Spartacus Trail is a proper choice. The trail levels all the way without tiring ascents traversing forests of the Danube Bend and is possible to complete in a few hours.

Author’s recommendation

  • Optionally, you may complete a round-trip if entering Apát-kúti-völgy you turn right towards Pilisszentlászló and follow the Red (P) trail (and not left towards Visegrád).
Profile picture of Áron Dömsödi
Áron Dömsödi 
Update: November 30, 2022
Highest point
375 m
Lowest point
105 m
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Safety information

  • Make sure to wear sturdy boots in rainy/snowy weather and mind your steps. The path traverses some exposed sections  where a slip may be painful or fatal.
  • No water source along the trail. Make sure to carry enough.


Bus stop "Pilisszentlászló, községháza" (359 m)
47.723174, 18.988641
47°43'23.4"N 18°59'19.1"E
34T 349163 5287492


Bus stop "Visegrád, nagymarosi rév"

Turn-by-turn directions


  • From the main square of Pilisszentlászló head northwest and follow the Green (Z) markers along Béke Street.
  • Past the football field (and the last houses of the village) the traik enters the woods and begins a steep descent. A sign at a flat part will show that Spartacus Trail starts on the right.
  • Past the first section of the trail you will arrive at Jenő-kunyhó (hikers' lodge) in a saddle. The trail continues to the north along a wide forest road. In a few meters it sharply turns right onto a path. Follow the winding path until the trail returns to a forest road again.
  • The road starts to descend. The Green (Z) trail turns left uphill but change to Green + (Z+) to the left to get to Apát-kúti-völgy.
  • In Apát-kúti-völgy turn left and follow the Red (P) markers to reach the bus stops and the ferry in Visegrád.

Turn-by-turn directions

Your hike starts in Pilisszentlászló, a neat village hiding inside Visegrád Mountains along the Green (Z) trail. Hike along the lengthy Béke Street and exit the village. The hill beyond the grazing land on the left (Öreg-Pap-hegy) is the one that you will explore along Spartacus Trail. It had been used by hunters for decades since the 1930s but its eastern section has been marked and open for hikers since 2015 (the western section is still closed).

After a lengthy hike on a dirt track with the occasional vista of Prédikálószék to the left the trail passes an abandoned stone mine as well as a few buildings and enters the woods. The landscape changes radically as you are hiking downhill in a dark and chilly beech forest. At the bottom with a clear-cut on the right a sign shows the direction to Spartacus Trail.

The path starts a mild ascent across the clear-cut and when returns to the forest takes a sharp right turn and changes to the other side of the peak. Level hiking begins here while slopes below get steeper and steeper, which is typical in this part of Visegrád Mountains.

Past the next sharp right turn the most picturesque section of the trail begins. Due to the course of the trail you will experience a variety of landscapes in a few hundred meters. The path was etched in andesite rock, the slope is nearly vertical. The trail crosses a small draw and arrives at the edge of an earthflow.

Because of the steepness of the slope and rapid watercourse a mass of earth of considerable thickness slid downslope. In rainy weather the path here is quite muddy and hard to walk. In a few meters stairs carved in the rock will guide you back to a safer path. A large andesite tower rising above like a chimney is guarding the trail here. It was formed after explosive volcanic eruptions when ejected material accumulated and cemented together forming hard and resistant andesite breccia blocks. As their softer surroundings had eroded these formations rose high above their environment. 

The trail exits the forest and arrives a barren slope. This is the greatest viewpoint of Spartacus Trail. Besides the surrounding hills you can spot the Danube below Szent Mihály-hegy. The slope has a special micro climate as dark andesite rocks collect sunshine and warm up the surface by radiating this heat.

The trail continues and crosses a draw again and after a lengthy straight hike arrives at Jenő-kunyhó (hikers' lodge, open all day with simple equipment, such as mattresses, kitchen utensils and a stove).

Head north and turn right off the forest road. Soon another untamed part of the trail begins as slopes get steep and scrubby again and you have to hike along a narrow path carved in the rock.

Spartacus Trail really ends here. Turn left onto a forest road and past a double curve the trail begins to descend. (Right past the first curve a short straight section begins. Take a detour to the left towards the light and walk uphill to a little clearing and a little further straight ahead because a barren spot offers a splendid view over the gorge-like Szent László Völgy and Apát-kúti-völgy on the left. From the top of a rock you can even spot the lookout tower on Nagy-Villám.)

At a bend the Green (Z) trail diverges from the forest road to the left (spur trail to the viewpoint of Bányatető-kilátó towards Visegrád) and the trip continues along the Green + (Z+) and ascends to Apát-kúti-völgy. Cross the creek and turn left onto the Red (P) trail.

The trail joins a paved road leading between the creekbed on one side and Bertényi Miklós Arboretum with its large pines and Ördögmalom Restaurant on the other. You will pass the rapid of Ördögmalom-vízesés and a small fishpond (Apátkúti-halastó). From there on natural environment is replaced by buildings on the outskirts of Visegrád. After a lengthy walk across Visegrád the trip ends at the riverside, at the bus stops and ferry port.

Public transport


  • Get off the coach (from "Szentendre, HÉV-végállomás") at "Pilisszentlászló, községháza".
  • Get on the coach (to Esztergom or Budapest, Újpest-Városkapu buszpályaudvar" (via Szentendre)) at "Visegrád, nagymarosi rév".
  • Take the ferry from Visegrád to Nagymaros and get on the train at "Nagymaros-Visegrád" to get to Szob or Budapest.

By road

  • From the bus stop in Pilisszentlászló take Béke Street on the left and follow the Green (Z) markers.
  • Follow the Red (P) markers to reach the ferry in Visegrád. Turn right before the underpass and take the stairs to get to the bus stops (buses towards Budapest), and take the stairs on the other side of the underpass to get on buses to Esztergom.


  • In Pilisszentlászló, free parking at the end of Béke Street, near the football field
  • In Visegrád, park our car at Telgárthy-rét in Apát-kúti-völgy. At the ferry port take the street uphill (Rév Street, then Nagy Lajos Street and finally Mátyás király Street) and drive into the forest until the spacious Telgárthy-rét (meadow). Start your hike along the Green + (Z+) trail.
  • If you wish to complete the whole trip and not a round-trip, park your car in Szentendre and take a bus to either of the entry points (frequent bus service). Free of charge parking near the terminus of the suburban train (HÉV), accessible from Dunakanyar-körút.


47.723174, 18.988641
47°43'23.4"N 18°59'19.1"E
34T 349163 5287492
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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  • Basic gear: hiking boots, seasonable wear, drinking water, food.
  • Use Természetjáró app to navigate.

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Anikó Rudolf-Vincze
March 25, 2023 · Community
When did you do this route? November 01, 2022
Balázs Seltenreich
February 14, 2023 · Community
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When did you do this route? November 13, 2022
Photo: Balázs Seltenreich, Community
Photo: Balázs Seltenreich, Community
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10.7 km
3:30 h
177 m
433 m
Highest point
375 m
Lowest point
105 m
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