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Hiking Trail recommended route Stage 13

Piliscsaba – Hűvösvölgy (OKT-13)

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  • Piliscsaba-Hűvösvölgy
    Photo: Barna Burger, Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség
m 600 500 400 300 200 100 22 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 km Zsíros-hegy (OKTPH_67_2)
The 13th section of the Blue Trail from the border of Pilis and Buda Hills to the green lungs of the capital is abundant in geological and botanical attractions. The trail traverses dolomite grasslands and chilly limestone gullies.
Distance 22.2 km
6:30 h
580 m
585 m
534 m
201 m

As the trail leaves Piliscsaba behind it enters Buda Hills (Budai Hegység) and starts an ascent through Kőris-völgy and Bükkös-árok to arrive at the plateau near Nagy-szénás Hill with sparse pine groves and dolomite grasslands. Nagy-Szénás is probably the most special peak around the capital. Its treeless grassy peak offers a 360 degree view over the mountains around and Budapest. The hillside with pine groves at the bottom adds a kind of Alpine ambience to complement the landscape.

The trail ascends along a rocky track and arrives at the outskirts of Nagykovácsi. Take a pause at Muflon Itató Pub for refreshment. Make a detour to Solymár, to Ördöglyuk cave or the peak of Sziklás-hegy.

The Blue (K) Trail climbs up to Remete-hegy and then descends from rock to rock into the steep gorge of Ördög Árok Creek with Remete-barlang (Hermit Cave). Past a few hundred meters you will arrive at District 2 of the capital. Hike along the streets of serene atmosphere to pass the shrine church of Máriaremete and Nagy-rét to arrive at the terminus of Gyermekvasút (Children’s Railway) in Hűvösvölgy.

Author’s recommendation

  • Make a detour along Blue ▲ (K▲) to visit Dévényi Antal lookout tower aka Jenga tower near Piliscsaba (Nagy-Kopasz-hegy).
  • In Nagykovácsi Nagy-szénás nature trail joins the Blue Trail and they merge for a while. Make a detour to complete it. It gives an insight into rare natural beauties of the slope awarded with the “European Diploma of Protected Areas” title. This is the home of Pilis flax with a highly protected status and you may encounter several orchid species.
  • From Hűvösvölgy climb along the Yellow (S) trail to Nagy-Hárs-hegy to visit Kaán Károly lookout tower and along Yellow ▲ (S▲) to Kis-Hárs-hegy to visit Makovecz lookout tower.

Recommended entries and exits

  • Nagykovácsi (near OKTPH_67): Bus no 63 at bus stop “Nagykovácsi, községháza
  • Solymár, Templom tér (near OKTPH_67): Bus no 64A and 164 at bus stop “Solymár, Templom tér
Highest point
., 534 m
Lowest point
., 201 m
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Tips and hints

Gyermekvasút (Children's Railway)


Piliscsaba, stamping location (231 m)
47.639424, 18.828363
47°38'21.9"N 18°49'42.1"E
34T 336883 5278509


Hűvösvölgy, Gyermekvasút terminus

Turn-by-turn directions


Follow the Blue (K) marker all along the trip.

  • Set off from Piliscsaba railway station and exit the village. The trail ascends through Bükkös-árok to the saddle of Kutya-hegy.
  • Head east to climb up to Nagy-Szénás.
  • Past the memorial wall of Nagy-szénás hikers’ lodge head towards Zsíros-hegy with a stamper at Muflon Itató Pub.
  • From the outskirts of Nagykovácsi ascend to Remete-szurdok.
  • Past the gorge hike through Máriaremete passing the shrine church of Máriaremete.
  • The trail flows streets of District 2, Budapest to reach Nagy-rét and continues to the terminus of Gyermekvasút (Children’s Railway) in Hűvösvölgy, Budapest.

Detailed description

Piliscsaba - Nagy-Szénás

The trail follows streets of Piliscsaba, crosse Road 10 and passes the cemetery where the first hiker to complete the entire Blue Trail, József Horváth is buried (Blue L (KL) spur trail from the western gate to his grave).  As we exit the village the trail continues in the Buda Hills diving into a more urban environment.

Make a short detour from Piliscsaba along Blue▲ (K▲) to two spectacular rocks called Gomba-szikla (Mushroom Rock) and Ördögoltár (Devil’s Altar). Past a slight ascent along Bükkös-kúti-árok the trail begins a steep climb through Bükkös-árok and arrives at the saddle of Kutya-hegy and Nagy-Szénás. Continue through a series of meadows scattered with pines to Nagy-Szénás (550 m). The flat topped horst lined by steep slopes and narrow valleys offers a stunning view over the whole Pilis Mountains and Visegrád Mountains as well as Buda Hills. The extensive forest cover around the area stretches down to Budapest. The 360 degree view complemented by the feather grass cover of the peak and pines at the bottom grant an unforgettable experience.

Nagy-Szénás - Zsíros-hegy

The trail ascends the hill and passes the memorial wall of Nagy-szénás hikers’ lodge. It commemorates the lodge built in the 1920s by 200 volunteers of a hikers’ club. It was left to decay after WW2 and was pulled down in 1979.

The hillside has the title of “European Diploma of Protected Areas” as a habitat for several native and endangered species including Pilis flax, which lives nowhere else on earth. This varied landscape is made up by various habitats, such as dolomite grasslands, pine groves and deciduous woods punctuated by several rock formations.

Ascend along the rocky path to the outskirts of Nagykovácsi. The trail crosses a clearance with a chain of grey steel structures. They are the supports of a disused ropeway conveyor that carried sand from Pilisszentiván for backfilling abandoned shafts of Nagykovácsi coal mines.

Past a barrier the trail leaves the paved road and reaches the clearing of Zsíros-hegy with ruins of a former hikers’ lodge. After 60 years of service between the 1920s and ‘80s only ruins remained by today. It is worth a detour to hike up to the peak of Sziklás-hegy along the Blue▲ (K▲) spur trail.

The Blue (K) Trail crosses the meadow and enters the woods to reach Muflon Itató Pub (stamper on the oak in front of the pub and on the fence).

Zsíros-hegy - Hűvösvölgy, Gyermekvasút (Children’s Railway)

Proceed along the path in the woods towards Remete-hegy. Traverse the plateau of Kerek-hegy and Remete-hegy. Looking down from the clearing of Kovácsi-erdőföldek you can see the northern districts of Budapest and Megyeri Bridge. Flora gradually changes to karst scrubland as approaching the rim of the plateau. Then the trail steeply descends along a rocky path down the gorge of Remete-szurdok. It is one of the wildest gorges in Buda Hills. The creek gradually cut its way dissolving limestone and also forming 20 plus caves at various heights. You can spot the yawning entrance of  Remete Cave where several finds were discovered by archeological excavations. Ördög-árok Creek directly feeds the Danube, however its last section runs under cover beneath the city.

Past the rock keeping cars out the trail enters peaceful streets of Budapest. Follow the Blue (K) markers to Ördögárok Street and head left. Ascend along the street and turn left again onto Kerékhegyi Street, and then right onto Hímes Street. The trail passes the shrine church of Máriaremete built to host an icon depicting a Virgin Mary statue associated with a miracle.

Ascend to Zsíroshegyi Street and hike until Náncsi néni Restaurant. Turn right and hike to Nagy-rét (Grand Meadow). Cross Fazekas-hegy to reach the terminus of Gyermekvasút (Children’s Railway) in Hűvösvölgy (stamper in the waiting room and on the platform).


all notes on protected areas

Public transport


  • Piliscsaba train station by trains from Budapest, Nyugati Train Station and Esztergom.
  • Bus stop “Piliscsaba, vasútállomás” or “Piliscsaba, iskola”.
  • Take tram 56, 56A or 61, or bus 57, 63, 64, 64A, 164, 257, or 264; Get off at stop “Hűvösvölgy”.
  • Take Gyermekvasút and get off at terminus “Hűvösvölgy”.

Getting there

  • The Blue Trail crosses Piliscsaba railway station.
  • Head north along Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street from bus stop “Piliscsaba, iskola” and turn onto Vasút Street to reach the stamping location at the train station.
  • From bus/tram stop “Hűvösvölgy” walk up the stairs towards the Children’s Railway. Turn left at the top towards the station.


  • Free of charge parking near Piliscsaba railway station. From Fő Street turn onto Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street and then turn left onto Vasút Street to reach the parking lot.
  • Paid parking near tram terminus and Gyermekvasút terminus in Hűvösvölgy as well as 400 meters to the north on the corner of Ördögárok Street and Hidegkúti Street.


47.639424, 18.828363
47°38'21.9"N 18°49'42.1"E
34T 336883 5278509
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Basic gear: hiking boots, seasonable wear, drinking water, food. Use Természetjáró app. to navigate.

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Photo: LamantinVadász, Community
Photo: LamantinVadász, Community
Photo: LamantinVadász, Community
Photo: LamantinVadász, Community
Judit Stádler
November 11, 2022 · Community
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22.2 km
6:30 h
580 m
585 m
Highest point
534 m
Lowest point
201 m
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