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Hiking Trail recommended route Stage 20

Mátraverebély - Mátraháza (OKT-20.)

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  • Vércverés in autumn
    Vércverés in autumn
    Photo: Márk Tassy, Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség
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The 20th section of the Blue Trail explores the western and central part of Mátra Mountains. The trail elevates from 180 meters to 964 meters traversing dark forest scattered with andesite rock formations and sleepy villages.
Distance 25.2 km
8:25 h
1,295 m
785 m
962 m
186 m

Looking at Mátra from far, we can see a long range with a lower central part towering like a green wall over its surroundings. The former volcano’s ridgeline follows a sine wave with a parallel chain of peaks in the west making it more extensive there. Elsewhere only short side ridges stretch out of the central range. Do not expect considerable peaks in the higher region because Mátra reaches its highest points at flat tops as geographical names with “tető” also imply. What accounts for this phenomenon is the hardness of andesite, leaning structure due to tectonic shifts as well as later erosion. Real peaks are situated on the edge and the eastern ridge of the mountain.

The core range of Mátra runs high with flat tops and island-like peaks on two sides. As a result, the Blue Trail traversing the highest parts offers great wide angle views. In addition, vistas of various rock formations signalling past volcanic activity greatly contribute to the beauty of the mountains.

Apart from hills near the capital, Mátra is probably the most popular mountain among Hungarian hikers. It is not only because it has the two highest peaks in the country (Kékestető, Galya-tető), but because it is in intense use, as well. Flat tops, especially in the western part favoured establishing settlements. Due to their climate and natural location these villages are popular holiday resorts both in winter and summer. Extensive forests, network of roads, public transport and hiking trails attract numerous tourists. Although the number of hikers’ lodge is also considerable, especially in the west, the range and quality of other mountain sport services has not met demand yet.

The 20th section of the Blue Trail enters the forest at Mátraverebély and ascends to the hikers’ lodge at Ágasvár clearing with a nearly-alpine character. Past the lodge the trail traverses the ridge with a view into the gorge of Csörgő Creek. You will visit tourist resorts and reach the award-wining lookout tower atop Galya-tető (964 m) with a memorable vista on Mátra and surroundings. Finally, the trail descends into Mátra-nyereg (Mátra Saddle), the lowest point of the ridge. From there you will hike to Mátraháza to finish this section.

Author’s recommendation

  • Make a short but steep detour to the peak of Ágasvár along the Blue▲ (K▲) for one of the most stunning vistas in Mátra.
  • Following a registration in advance take a guided tour in Csörgő-lyuk Cave (caving gear: helmet, light).
  • Make a short detour from Mátraszentistván Vörös-kő lookout for the view to the north.
  • A range of hikers’ lodge to stay overnight, such as Galya Turistacentrum in Galyatető, the hikers’ lodge of Ágasvár in the west, Vörösmarty hikers’ lodge in Mátraháza.

Recommended entries and exits

  • Mátrakeresztes (near OKTPH_100_1, OKTPH_100_2): bus stop “Pásztó, Ágasvári menedékház
  • Mátraszentistván (OKTPH_101_1, OKTPH_101_2): bus stop “Mátraszentistván, autóbusz-váróterem
  • Galyatető (OKTPH_102_1, OKTPH_102_2, OKTPH_102_3, OKTPH_102_4): bus stop “Galyatető, Kodály Zoltán sétány
  • near Vércverés (OKTPH_103): bus stop “Mátraszentimre, nyírjesi kőbánya” 
  • Vörösmarty hikers’ lodge (OKTPH_104_1, OKTPH_104_2): bus stop “Mátraháza, Vörösmarty turistaház"
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Áron Dömsödi 
Update: October 27, 2022
Highest point
., 962 m
Lowest point
., 186 m
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Track types

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Rest stops

Galyatető Turistacentrum/Hikers’ Center

Tips and hints

Galyatető Hikers’ Center

Hikers’ lodge of Ágasvár


Mátraverebély, railway station (186 m)
47.968482, 19.779375
47°58'06.5"N 19°46'45.8"E
34T 408892 5313518


Mátraháza, parking lot

Turn-by-turn directions


Follow the Blue (K) marker all along the trip.

  • Hike from Mátraverebély to Ágasvár.
  • From Ágasvár hike along the ridgeline to Mátraszentistván.
  • Climb to Galya-tető.
  • Ascend through Vércverés to Vörösmarty hikers’ lodge.
  • Hike to Mátraháza

Detailed description

Mátraverebély – Ágasvári turistaház

Hike to Mátraverebély train stop and cross the rails to enter the forest. The trail traverses pine and mixed woods passing clear-cuts of various sizes with occasional and obstructed view back on Cserhát. These spots of pine groves are losing ground in lower lying areas due to increasing temperature and decreasing precipitation.

At the end of the ascent tired hikers are rewarded with beautiful scenery and meals of the hikers’ lodge for their effort (stamper at the Blue Trail board and in the restaurant). The former hunters’ lodge is a classic hikers’ lodge today. Do not skip the detour to the peak of Ágasvár along the Blue▲ (K▲) spur trail. The most beautiful view from Mátra is well-worth the tiresome climb along the steep and rocky slope. Because of the island-like location of the mount it provides the first real peak experience in Mátra. Only a little is left of the old castle.

Hikers’ lodge of Ágasvár – Mátraszentistván

Past the hikers’ lodge the trail winds along the main ridge of the mountain (Mátra-bérc). Hike along the rim of the majestic forest reserve of Csörgő-völgy (Rattling Valley). From some clearings of the steep slope the view over the deep gorge of Csörgő Creek affords a memorable experience. At the end of the gorge buildings of Mátraszentimre punctuate the forest landscape.

Arriving at the ridge andesite rock outcrops appear. Finally, the ridge widens a little and the path changes to a forest track to lead you to a meadow near Mátraszentistván. Villages of Upper Mátra, like Mátraszentistván were founded mainly by settlers with German and Slovakian origin working as lumbers, charcoal makers and glass makers. Hike through the village (stamper on the utility pole near Vidróczki Restaurant and at 3Patak B&B). Make a detour along the Yellow (S) trail to Vörös-kő lookout tower for a view from the ridge to the north.

Mátraszentistván – Galya-tető

Following the power line the trail continues along the ridge. The grassy and brushy landscape is not very exciting a meadow with a bench affords a view (the last one until Galya-tető) over the peakless inner part of western Mátra and the ridge of Muzsla.

The trail skirts the observatory of Piszkés-tető underneath large pines and beeches. The wide track reaches the edge of Galyatető but round the eponymous peak (964 m) to reach Pintér hegyese (960 m) with the lookout tower of a most exciting structure in Hungary. It includes bivouac rooms also, but its greatest attraction, of course, is the stunning view over the whole mountain range as well as distant peaks of Bükk, Karancs and even the High Tatras.

Proceed to Galyatető Turistacentrum that awaits you with accommodation, meals and the stamper (Another is placed at the tower).

Galya-tető – Mátraháza

Past Galya-tető the range gets lower. This is the bridge between the two higher masses of Mátra. The trail begins a descent through a dense and young forest and it begins to parallel a roadway as the ridgeline narrows down. You will pass the peak of Vércverés (699 m, stamper). As the trail keeps downhill clear-cuts provide splendid vistas with rock outcrops on the eastern side. The descent is interrupted by a short hike uphill to Csór-hegy and occasionally Kékes appears. Keep ascending and a paved road parallels again until you reach Mátra-nyereg (Mátra Saddle) with Vörösmarty hikers’ lodge (stamper). This is where the mountain is low enough for a road to cross the range connecting the northern and southern sides. Cross the road and continue parallel through the valley of Hidas-folyás to Mátraháza (stamper at the coach station and Mátra Diner in the parking lot).


all notes on protected areas

Public transport


  • Get off at Mátraverebély train stop (train service from Salgótarján and Hatvan).
  • Get off at bus stop “Mátraverebély, eszpresszó” (buses from Salgótarján, Hatvan or Budapest).
  • Get on at bus stop „Mátraháza, autóbusz-állomás” to reach Gyöngyös or Parád.

Getting there

  • In Mátraverebély, the Blue Trail runs along the crossing street near the bus stop.
  • The train station in Mátraverebély lies on the Blue Trail.
  • In Mátraháza, the bus stop lies on the Blue Trail.


  • In Mátraverebély park your car at Szentkút, which lies on the Blue Trail or in front of the Mayor’s Office.
  • In Mátraháza, free of charge parking lot at the junction of the road to Kékestető.


47.968482, 19.779375
47°58'06.5"N 19°46'45.8"E
34T 408892 5313518
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Author’s map recommendations

  • Hiking map of Mátra


Basic gear: hiking boots, seasonable wear, drinking water, food. Use Természetjáró app. to navigate.

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25.2 km
8:25 h
1,295 m
785 m
Highest point
962 m
Lowest point
186 m
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