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Hűvösvölgy - Rozália téglagyár/brickyard (OKT-14)

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  • Árpád lookout tower
    / Árpád lookout tower
    Photo: Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt.
  • Kindereisenbahn (Hűvösvöly Station)
    / Kindereisenbahn (Hűvösvöly Station)
    Photo: Attila Nógrádi, Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség
  • Der Löwen-Fels an einem kühlen,nebligen Tag
    / Der Löwen-Fels an einem kühlen,nebligen Tag
    Photo: Ƀálint $ztankó, Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség
  • Guckler Károly lookout tower
    / Guckler Károly lookout tower
    Photo: Attila Nógrádi, Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség
  • Kéktúra 12. rész: Teleszórtuk szeméttel a budai erdőt
    / Kéktúra 12. rész: Teleszórtuk szeméttel a budai erdőt
  • The view from Guckler Károly lookout tower.
    / The view from Guckler Károly lookout tower.
    Photo: Attila Nógrádi, Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség
  • / Ausblick nach Sonnenuntergang
    Photo: Gulyás Attila, Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség
  • / Hármashatárhegyi repülőtér
    Photo: Horváth Béla, Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség
  • /
    Photo: Barna Burger, Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség
  • / Am Abend an der Rozália Ziegelfabrik
    Photo: Attila Gulyás, Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség
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The 14th section of the Blue Trail is an easy hike of exactly 14 kilometers through the Buda Hills with a climb up to the horst-like peak of Hármashatár-hegy and a great view over the Danube nearly all along the trip.

14.2 km
4:20 h
525 m
625 m

As you cross the bridge over Ördög-árok Creek and leave the bustling Hűvösvölgy behind you are back in nature with various attractions.

You will encounter a stone lion under the shade of twisted moss-covered oaks watching grazing stone goats and pass the royal hunting forest of King Matthias where aristocrats were chasing deer, roe deer and wild boar 500 years ago. War graves commemorate a more recent historic importance of this area since this was the main direction of the attempt to break out of the encircled capital during the siege of Budapest in February, 1945.

Lookouts on Látó-hegy and Hármashatár-hegy provide a majestic view over Budapest and you may even stay overnight in the local hikers’ lodge. The trail traverses over an easy terrain with a cooling shade of mixed woods making this section one of the easiest but most exciting parts.

Author’s recommendation

Main attractions:

  • Museum of Children’s Railway
  • Gliding airfield
  • Hunting forest monument
  • Oroszlán-szikla (Lion rock)
  • Árpád lookout
  • Guckler Károly lookout tower on Hármashatár-hegy

Attractions with a short detour:

  • Cavern of Pál-völgy
  • Cavern of Szemlő-hegy
  • Újlaki-hegy lookout point User
Gabriella Szlatki
Updated: 03 13, 2019

485 m
124 m
Highest point
Hármashatár-hegy (485 m)
Lowest point
Rozália téglagyár (124 m)
Best time of year

Safety information

You will hike over rocky terrain. Mind your steps especially in rainy or foggy weather. The trail traverses more treeless areas. Make sure to have sufficient water (although many public wells and vendors will be passed).


Basic gear: hiking boots, seasonable wear, drinking water, food. Use Természetjáró app. to navigate.


Hűvösvölgy, Gyermekvasút of Széchenyi-hegy (Children’s Railway) (223 m)
47.541967, 18.963904
34T 346779 5267402


Entrance to Rozália brickyard

Turn-by-turn directions


Follow the Blue (K) marker all along the trip.

  • From the terminus of Gyermekvasút head across Hűvösvölgyi Street and hike along Glück Frigyes path to Határnyereg,
  • At Határnyereg turn right towards Árpád lookout,
  • From Árpád lookout head across Szépvölgyi Street and hike towards Fenyőgyöngye restaurant,
  • From Fenyőgyöngye hike towards Guckler Lookout tower on Hármashatár-hegy (stamper on the peak).
  • From Guckler lookout tower hike across the northern slope of Hármashatár-hegy to Virágos-nyereg (stamper).
  • At Virágos-nyereg Blue (K) and Yellow (S) markers merge and share the same path for some way and Green (Z) trail joins in the saddle of Csúcs-hegy. Follow the Blue (K) markers to Rozália téglagyár (Rozália brickyard, stamper).

Detailed description

Hűvösvölgy - Árpád-kilátó

Cross Hűvösvölgyi Street and the bridge over Ördög-árok on the other side of the parking lot to leave Hűvösvölgy and the terminus of Children’s Railway behind. Descend into the valley and continue along Glück Frigyes path. Past a slight ascent you will reach a small plateau and the edge of the forest at the gliding airfield of Hármashatár-hegy.

Hike along the flat airfield just barely inside the woods to reach the Royal Hunting Forest Monument commemorating the Hunting forest of King Matthias.

In Határ-nyereg beware of multiple trails converging. Follow the Blue (K) markers along Glück Frigyes path to reach Látó-hegy. On the hillside of Alsó-Kecske-hegy the trail passes a dolomite rock called Oroszlán-szikla resembling a sitting lion. It was affected my human impact twice. Once when it was somewhat carved to enhance similarity to a lion and next its head was blown off for military reasons in or after WW2. Hike uphill to reach Árpád lookout built on the initiative of hotel owner, urban policy maker and patron Frigyes Glück in 1929 offering a north-to-south view over Budapest.

Árpád lookout - Hármashatár-hegy

The trail descends on the northeastern slope of the hill into Szépvölgy where you can take a break for traditional Hungarian meals at the legendary Fenyőgyöngye Restaurant founded in 1935. Otherwise follow the Blue (K) markers into the woods and hike uphill to Hármashatár-hegy.

Past the last 200 meters of steep ascent the trail arrives at the top near Udvarház Restaurant. Take a walk around the plateau to have views to various directions, although, Guckler Károly lookout tower boasts a 360 degree view over the area.

Hármashatár-hegy - Rozália téglagyár

The trail steeply descends on the northern slope of the hill and arrives at the former gliding hangars, which function as bars and restaurants today (Zöldbázis). You may stay overnight at the hikers’ lodge there that used to be a pilot hostel and opened with its current function in 2016.

The trail turns off the gravel road and enters the woods to descend winding towards Virágos-nyereg (stamper on a utility pole on a clearing before Virágos-nyereg).  Hike around Csúcs-hegy (444 m) to the north along Guckler Károly path to reach the paved Rozália sor and Rozália téglagyár (brickyard, stamper).

Public transport

Public transport friendly

  • Take tram 56, 56A or 61, or bus 57, 63, 64, 64A, 164, 257, or 264; Get off at stop “Hűvösvölgy”.
  • Take Gyermekvasút and get off at terminus “Hűvösvölgy”.
  • Get off bus 218 or a coach at bus stop “Solymár, Téglagyári bekötőút” to reach Árpád-híd, Budapest.

Getting there

  • From bus/tram stop “Hűvösvölgy” walk up the stairs towards the Children’s Railway. Turn left at the top towards the station (stamping location)
  • From bus stop “ Solymár, Téglagyári bekötőút” follow the Blue+ (K+) markers (400 m, stamping location).


  • Paid parking near tram terminus and Gyermekvasút terminus in Hűvösvölgy as well as 400 meters to the north on the corner of Ördögárok Street and Hidegkúti Street.
  • Free of charge parking In front of Rozália brickyard and on the roadside.
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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  • Hiking map of Budai-hegység


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Comments and ratings (18)

Kocsi Janos
06 30, 2019

Kavalecz Richárd
06 15, 2019
Könnyűnek mondható egynapos túra. 37 fokos hőségben, 4-éves kisgyermekkel teljesítettük. Ami kellemetlen volt az a rengeteg szúnyog. Az erdős területeken nem lehetett megállni, mert azonnal támadtak. Szóval kora tavasszal, vagy ősszel biztosan sokkal kellemesebb. A másik, hogy nem vittünk sok ételt mert út közben három étterem is van. Sajnos mindháromban zárt körű rendezvény volt... szóval egyik sem egy Kisrigó.

Velkey-Guth Mátyás
06 10, 2019
Monday, 10 June 2019 18:45:22
Photo: Velkey-Guth Mátyás, Community

14.2 km
4:20 h
525 m
625 m
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