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Hiking Trail recommended route Stage 16

Dobogókő - Visegrád (OKT-16.)

· 27 reviews · Hiking Trail · Visegrádi-hegység · Open
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  • Summer view from Dobogó-kő
    Summer view from Dobogó-kő
    Photo: Márk Tassy, Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség
m 800 600 400 200 20 15 10 5 km Lenkó Ede-emlékmű Zsitvay-kilátó Sikárosi-rét Moli-pihenő
The 16th section of the Blue Trail explores a less frequented inner part of Visegrád Mountains and descends to the Danube skirting great lookouts and sweet meadows.
Distance 24.3 km
7:10 h
610 m
1,205 m
699 m
102 m

This section leads deep into the forests of Visegrád Mountains and gives a sense of the character of North Hungarian Mid-Mountains. It is a member of the volcanic Carpathian Range, once higher than 1300 meters. The volcano has greatly eroded over millions of years and today it is a densely forested mountain with valleys in radial arrangement.

Although Visegrádi-hegység (Visegrád Mountains) is neither very extensive nor very high it hides varied landforms. It is the dark andesite rocks, deep gorges, creeks with cascades, the view over the Danube Bend and the chain of volcanic peaks that account for its unique character.

From Dobogókő there is a view over the volcanic teeth of Vadálló-kövek (Vadálló Rocks), Szent Mihály-hegy on the other side of the Danube, which used to belong to Visegrád Mountains. Leaving Dobogó-kő behind the trail ascends into the inner part of the forest, skirts the basin of Sikárosi-rét surrounded by hills and follows the valley of Bükkös Creek to arrive at Pilisszentlászló, the only settlement of the inner Visegrád Mountains. Past the village the trail climbs to the foresters’ lodge at Pap-rét on a saddle.

The last part of the section traverses the northeastern ridge of the mountain with uninhabited intact forests and grassy meadows. Finally, the trail arrives at a little plateau over Visegrád with a view over the densely wooded hills of High-Börzsöny on the other side and begins a descent to the Danube passing the Citadel of Visegrád.

Author’s recommendation

  • Eötvös Loránd Hikers’ Lodge: accommodation, restaurant and a museum of hiking.
  • Thirring loop trail around Dobogókő (1 hr).
  • Hike northwest along the Yellow (S) and Red (P) trail to Tirts Rezső lookout tower for a stunning view over inner parts of Visegrád Mountains, Danube Bend and Börzsöny Mountains (15 min)
  • At the end of your hike visit the lookout tower of Nagy-Villám peak above Visegrád for a vista over the Danube Bend and even Mátra Mountains (Section 20-22) is visible in clear weather. Take a pause at the summer bobsled track.
  • Take your time to visit the Citadel of Visegrád with its unmatched view over the Danube Bend

 Recommended entries and exits

  •  Pilisszentlászló (OKTPH_76_1, OKTPH_76_2, OKTPH_76_3): bus stop “Pilisszentlászló, községháza
Profile picture of Áron Dömsödi
Áron Dömsödi 
Update: December 21, 2022
Highest point
., 699 m
Lowest point
., 102 m
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Rest stops

Baron Loránd Eötvös Hikers’ Lodge
Patak Park Bisztró és Borozó
Mogyoróhegy Étterem

Tips and hints



Dobogókő, Báró Eötvös Loránd Menedékház (hikers’ lodge) (695 m)
47.719535, 18.898674
47°43'10.3"N 18°53'55.2"E
34T 342406 5287267


Visegrád, ferry port

Turn-by-turn directions


Follow the Blue (K) marker all along the trip.

  • From Dobogókő follow the Blue (K) markers downhill to Sikárosi-rét (stamper at the forester’s lodge of Sikáros).
  • Hike through the valley of Bükkös Creek and Öreg-nyílás-völgy to Pilisszentlászló.
  • From Pilisszentlászló climb up to Pap-rét (Priest’s Meadow).
  • From Pap-rét hike along the hillside of Urak asztala (Lords’ Table) to Vízverés nyerge.
  • From Vízverés nyerge hike to meadows of Tabán Hill via Barát-halom (Monks’ Hill).
  • From Tabán ascend to the ferry port of Visegrád passing the Citadel.

Detailed description

Dobogókő - Forester’s lodge of Sikáros

An unmatched view unfolds beneath your feet from the terrace of Dobogó-kő over this ancient Carpathian volcanic area. Börzsöny and Visegrád Mountains were formed by the moving of tectonic plates beneath the Carpathian Basin. Szent Mihály Hill on the opposite side of the Danube also belongs to Visegrádi Mountains, although separated by the river. Other signs of volcanic activity, such as the rocks of Vadálló-kövek and Rám-szikla also greatly contribute to the landscape.

Past Dobogókő and the ski slopes (with a view over the rock of Prédikálószék) the trail enters the woods ascending to the valley of Bükkös-patak. This is the longest creek of the mountains feeding the Danube at Szentendre. The name of Öreg-vágás-hegy (Old Cut Hill) could refer to an old clearance or clear-cut but it does not. It commemorates a murder in the mid-19th century when an old soldier was killed and robbed by a local man while resting on his way home after the war of 1848/49.

The trail follows the creek and reaches Sikárosi-rét with a forester’s lodge (stamper on a tree).

Forester’s lodge of Sikáros – Pilisszentlászló

Cross Bükkös Creek and follow the narrowing valley. The creek meanders at parts of a greater width by eroding sediment on the outside of the curves and dropping it on the inside of curves. This is because the water moves fastest on the outside of a turn. Water does this because it tries to find the path with the weakest resistance avoiding its own deposit. The trail turns left and leaves the creek to continue along Öreg-nyílás-völgy. Crossing the creek and a paved road you will soon pass a little wooden bridge and arrive at the outskirts of Pilisszentlászló (stamper at the Kisrigó Restaurant, another in the pub in the village center, a third at Janosiková pub).

Pilisszentlászló - Vízverés nyerge

Pilisszentlászló is the only village in the inner part of the mountains with a population mostly of Slovakian origin. Exit the village through the main square and hike steeply uphill to the meadow of Szarvas-szérű. Continue along the forestry road to Pap-rét (Priest’s Meadow). The trail makes a shortcut through a hillside and returns to the road at Pap-rét (stamper at the forester’s lodge).

Here starts the most special part of your hike in Visegrádi Mountains, occasionally with Carpathian character. Head east and hike through the sweet clearances. At a junction the trail turns north and begins a relatively level traverse on the side of Urak asztala through the dense beech forest. The top of the mountain hides a decaying abandoned military base. Unfortunately, the forest was partly devastated by the weight of glaze ice in December, 2014, although these clearings provide additional views over the mountains.

After a lengthy hike remote from inhabited areas and roads the trail reaches the picturesque clearing of Vízverés nyerge.

Vízverés nyerge – Visegrád

Climb over the fence and continue to the meadow of Barát-halom with Moli-pihenő (picnic spot). It boasts a wonderful view over the Danube Bend and the dense forests of Visegrádi Mountains. The name of Bölényes Hill nex to commemorates the failed attempt during the 20th century to re-establish bison population.

The trail begins a steep ascent. At the bottom of a dark slope some light on the left signals an andesite rock (Borjú-fő) with a lookout point.

You may still feel civilization remote, but it is closer and closer. The trail passes the wet meadow of Sóstó-rét and follows a logging track along the hillside to arrive at the plateau of Tabán. Take a pause here to make short detours for various views. Leave the trail to the left to explore a meadow behind the trees, or climb to Zsitvay lookout tower on Nagy-Villám (stamper at Nagy-Villám restaurant).

Past the paved road hike downhill towards Visegrád. Take your time to visit the Citadell. The trail passes the baroque style Kálvária Chapel, which was attached to the brecca wall. Once you arrive down at Visegrád the markers lead you to the ferry port (stamper on a utility pole at the terrace of the restaurant near the port).


all notes on protected areas

Public transport


  • Get off at bus stop “Dobogókő, hegytető” (bus service from Pomáz suburban train station (HÉV-állomás) and Esztergom.)
  • Get on at bus stop “Visegrád, nagymarosi rév” to reach bus stop “Budapest, Újpest-Városkapu autóbusz-állomás” or Esztergom.
  • Take the ferry to Nagymaros and get on a train at Nagymaros-Visegrád train stop to reach Szob or Budapest, Nyugati Railway Station.

Getting there

  • The Blue Trail passes Báró Eötvös Loránd hikers’ lodge visible from the bus stop.
  • The Blue Trail arrives at the Visegrád ferry port along Rév Street.


  • Paid parking in Dobogókő.
  • Free and paid parking at Visegrád ferry port.


47.719535, 18.898674
47°43'10.3"N 18°53'55.2"E
34T 342406 5287267
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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  • Hiking map of Pilis and Visegrád Mountains

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Basic gear: hiking boots, seasonable wear, drinking water, food. Use Természetjáró app. to navigate.

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24.3 km
7:10 h
610 m
1,205 m
Highest point
699 m
Lowest point
102 m
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