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  • Cycling to Mont Saint-Michel
    Cycling to Mont Saint-Michel Photo: Thomas Le Floc'h, Normandie Tourisme
  • Hiking in the heart of the Andaines forest in Orne
    Hiking in the heart of the Andaines forest in Orne Photo: Bokeh Production, Office de Tourisme Bagnoles-de-l'Orne
  • Beach and parasols of Deauville in Normandy
    Beach and parasols of Deauville in Normandy Photo: Marie-Anaïs Thierry, Normandie Tourisme
  • The beach huts of Gouville-sur-Mer Photo: Marie-Anaïs Thierry, Normandie Tourisme
  • Canoeing on the Eure Photo: Maxime Coquard - Bestjobers, Normandie Tourisme
  • Mountain bike ride in the heart of the Andaines forest Photo: Bokeh Production, Office de Tourisme Bagnoles-de-l'Orne


Discover Normandy far off the beaten paths. Need some travel suggestions? Our online travel guide provides you with the best things of interest that Lower Normandy has to offer. Get exclusive info on trips throughout the region, all events, tips for places to visit as well as places to stay. The following are our top tips for Lower Normandy:
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Attractions in Normandy

Normandy: Region of northwestern France

Normandy is located in the northwest of France. Its two maritime sides (north and west), 603 km long, face the English Channel. To the west of the Cotentin Peninsula are the Channel Islands. It accompanies the Seine on both sides of its path to the sea. Rouen and Caen are the administrative capitals of the region.

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Explore Normandy by bike

More than 500 km of greenways are available. These are the improved cycle routes on which you can safely explore the history, culture and culinary delights of Normandy. You can travel for miles along the coast from Paris to Mont-Saint-Michel or take the road to Ouistreham from the port of La Rochelle.

The natural and cultural beauties of Normandy

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the region is certainly the garden of the impressionist artist Claude Monet in Giverny. The garden served as both a place of relaxation and inspiration for the artist. In front of the water lily pond and the garden bridge, many visitors flock each year to learn about the natural creations of this garden.

Nature lovers are drawn to the monastic island of Mont-Saint-Michel to experience the largest tides in Europe. At low tide, the sea withdraws about 15 km from the coast. Thanks to the new footbridge, visitors can walk to the old abbey on foot, whatever the tide.

A visit to the white chalk cliffs of Eacute will be accompanied by spectacular photos and images. The imposing rock formations fascinate artists and designers alike. The coast of Albuquerque can be explored on foot.

Winner of the Green Destination Story Award 2023

In Normandy, sustainable tourism is an omnipresent issue. The spectacular white limestone cliffs along the coast are affected by erosion, heat waves are a danger to plants and animals. At the same time, demand for sustainable travel is on the rise. But with such a complex problem, where do you start to develop tourism in the right direction?

In Normandy, there are a total of 63 tourism offices facing very different challenges. The French tourism organization OTN helps the individual offices achieve their sustainability goals with joint, clearly structured action plans, thus advancing the region as a whole. For this initiative, the organization was awarded the Green Destinations Story Award 2023 in the category "Governance, Reset and Recovery".

Photo: Marie-Anais Thierry, Normandie Tourisme

Destinations in Normandy



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