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Nature trails in the Brenta Group

Trentino, Italy

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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in the Brenta Group. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful nature trails.
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Maps and trails

The 10 Most Beautiful nature trails in the Brenta Group

Thematic Trail · Bleggio Superiore
Footsteps of faith
recommended route Difficulty moderate
9.9 km
3:30 h
310 m
297 m
A walk through the Bleggio region to discover the surrounding hamlets and places of faith: from quaint little churches painted by the Baschenis to the majestic church of S. Croce with its Roman crypt and the chapel guarding inside the miraculous cross, passing numerous shrines and prayer corners, signs of an ancient rural world where faith often blended with legends and superstition.
Thematic Trail · Comano Terme
Nature trail
recommended route Difficulty moderate closed
10.7 km
4:00 h
480 m
471 m
A walk that celebrates the forces of nature, like water with its healing properties and ability to shape and fascinate: from Comano Spa to the deep gorge of the Canyon del Limarò, continuing along the river Sarca, one of the main watercourses in Trentino, that connects the Adamello - Presanella & Brenta Dolomites glaciers to Lake Garda.
Thematic Trail · Stenico
Art Trail
recommended route Difficulty moderate
12.4 km
4:30 h
540 m
540 m
A discovery trail through different expressions of art: from a castle to a waterfall, from “Bosco Arte Stenico”, with its artistic creations inspired by nature, to the rural villages with their charming churches, some embellished with frescoes realized by the itinerant painters Baschenis.
Thematic Trail · Terme di Comano-Dolomiti di Brenta
Cooperation Path 4
recommended route Difficulty easy
4.4 km
2:30 h
238 m
188 m
The itinerary is signposted with panels representing Don Lorenzo Guetti.
Thematic Trail · Comano Terme
Urban trekking around Comano Terme
recommended route Difficulty easy
4.3 km
1:30 h
110 m
105 m
The growing popularity of the Spa and the newly built road, made the town of Ponte Arche an important point on the map, transforming it from a small residential town to a major touristic & commercial centre in the valley.
Thematic Trail · Terme di Comano-Dolomiti di Brenta
Sentiero della Ciuiga
recommended route Difficulty easy
7.5 km
2:20 h
227 m
227 m
Il “Sentiero della Ciuiga”, The “Ciuiga” Trail, winds its way through the Alto Banale area, where the locals have been making ciuiga, a cured sausage made with pork and radish, since the second half of ‘800. The sausage is endorsed by the Slow Food movement. The itinerary follows a trail through San Lorenzo in Banale, “one of the Most Beautiful Towns in Italy”, and Dorsino to discover old traditions and new ways of making the ciuiga.
Thematic Trail · Terme di Comano-Dolomiti di Brenta
Vili’s trail: S. Lorenzo, Andogno, Tavodo, Dorsino
recommended route Difficulty moderate
7.3 km
3:00 h
269 m
269 m
San Vili’s path winds its way from Trento to Madonna di Campiglio retracing the historic trail tread by San Vigilio, Bishop of Trento.
Thematic Trail · Terme di Comano-Dolomiti di Brenta
BAS Bosco Arte Stenico, esperienza unica tra le opere di land art
recommended route Difficulty easy
1 km
0:25 h
105 m
105 m
BAS Bosco Arte Stenico è un meraviglioso percorso nella natura ove si trovano magnifiche opere di land art plasmate dalle sapienti mani di eclettici artisti
Thematic Trail · Terme di Comano-Dolomiti di Brenta
The S. Vili’s path: through Deggia, Moline & Ranzo
recommended route Difficulty moderate
11.7 km
5:00 h
400 m
1,515 m
A walk between nature and history.
Thematic Trail · Madruzzo
Percorso del Lago di Toblino
recommended route Difficulty easy
2.6 km
0:44 h
21 m
28 m
Una passerella in legno costeggia le sponde della Riserva naturale provinciale del Lago di Toblino e permette di immergersi nell'ambiente circostante, scorgendo la brulicante vita del lago.

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Nature trail by Donato
June 02, 2020 · Community
Percorso fantastico
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martedì 2 giugno 2020, 14:42
Photo: Donato Quattrocchi, Community
Footsteps of faith by Claudio
March 04, 2019 · Community
Castel Restor
Photo: Claudio Dallemule, Community
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