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  • Fagaras mountains
    Fagaras mountains Photo: Megyeri Lajos, CC0, Pixabay
  • Piatra Craiului
    Piatra Craiului Photo: David Marcu, CC BY-SA, Unsplash
  • HIgh Tatras
    HIgh Tatras Photo: Mareklustak, Pixabay


The Carpathians are a 1,500km-long mountain range in Central Europe, which spans across the Carpathian Basins from the Porta Hungarica to the Iron Gates. Its diverse landscapes have been explored by organized tourism since 1873. You will find many historical monuments along the mountains' beautiful limestone cliffs, while in the volcanic High Tatras lies Gerlachovský, the range's highest peak at 2655 meters.
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Attractions in the Carpathians region

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The Colorful Carpathians

The Carpathians form an expansive arch over the Danube. Their uniqueness stems from this articulation, creating a landscape that is both wildly diverse and ripe for exploration. In the Carpathians you will find extinct volcanoes, castles clinging to limestone clifftops, untouched nature, soaring ridges, and many other hidden treasures. Being lower than the neighboring Alps means that the Carpathians generally require less in the way of mountain experience while ensuring hikers can still enjoy diversity, wildness and adventure. In addition to their natural beauty, many ethnic groups have also settled in the mountains bringing with them colorful villages, historical and cultural sites and a unique set of traditions that further decorate and enrich this fabulous corner of the world to provide an unforgettable experience to any visitor. 
Sunrise in the Carpathians
Photo: Vlad Kiselov, Unsplash
The Carpathians run through the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania and Serbia, making it hardly a surprise that they are known by many different names. It is worth pointing out that alongside the narrowly construed 'Carpathians' themselves, lie the regions of the Apuseni Mountains, the Transylvanian Basin, and the Banatulu mountains.
The dam at the Drăgan river
Photo: Paul Mocan, Unsplash

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