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Dog-friendly holidays in Val di Fassa

Trentino, Italy

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Travel with your dog: During your stay Val di Fassa you’re spoiled for choice. On this page weve put together suggestions for numerous dog-friendly excursions, leisure activities, restaurants and accommodation as well as a couple of other insider tips for dog owners:
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Maps and trails

Dog-friendly hiking in Val di Fassa

Map / Hike to Rifugio Micheluzzi
Mountain Hike
Mountain Hike · Val di Fassa
Hike to Rifugio Micheluzzi
recommended route Difficulty moderate
3 km
1:35 h
393 m
0 m
After the Micheluzzi Refuge, the path unwinds gently across the green meadows of Val Duron. Passing close to Baita Lino Brach Refuge, keep on walking on a dirt road at the feet of Catinaccio to the south and Sassopiatto to the north.
Valle del Vajolet
Mountain Hike · Val di Fassa
Dolomiti Trek King - Autumn taste
recommended route Difficulty moderate Multi-stage route
39.1 km
16:00 h
2,414 m
2,029 m
3-day self guided hiking tour at high altitude, from refuge to refuge. Discover the Dolomites in Val di Fassa by walking on its most beautiful peaks!
Soraga  ©Archivio APT Val di Fassa
Winter Hiking · Val di Fassa
Soraga di Fassa - Training Path
recommended route Difficulty moderate
2.1 km
0:45 h
97 m
96 m
Wellbeing-walk through the woods that border the village, passing "Gherghele", one of Soraga's ancient seven "masi" (hamlets), that boasts an exceptional view over Roda de Vael and Larséch crags.
Rifugio Firence (Regensburger Hütte)
Mountain Hike · Sassolungo Group
ATG3-20 Tour Rifugio Firenze/ Plattkofelhütte (3.Tag)
recommended route Difficulty moderate Stage 3
15.4 km
7:30 h
1,351 m
1,087 m
Vom Rifugio Firenze (Regensburger Hütte) mit der Unterstützung von 2 Seilbahnen (Col Raiser, und Monte Pana/ Seggiova -Bergbahn)  ist diese Strecke über die Langkofelhütte zur Plattkofelhütte unter 7 Stunden zu begehen. Dieser Bereich ist durch die Infrastruktur auch gut von weiteren wandernden Personen besucht. Dafür bietet sich aber eine super 360 ° Sicht oben an der Plattkofelhütte und auf den Wiesen sind Pferde, Esel und Schweine zu sehen. Es ist eine entspannte, zum "Naturbaden" einladene Etappe.
Soraga ©Archivio APT Val di Fassa
Winter Hiking · Val di Fassa
Moena - Soraga - Someda
recommended route Difficulty easy
5.5 km
1:45 h
158 m
158 m
A walk connecting Moena to Soraga. The route, which skirts Lake Pecé from above, is very scenic as it is surrounded by the Catinaccio and Sassolungo Groups and, on the right, the long ridge of Cima Dodici. 
Moena - Passo San Pellegrino ©Archivio APT Val di Fassa
Snowshoes · Val di Fassa
Tour of the Lake of San Pellegrino
recommended route Difficulty moderate
1.1 km
0:20 h
13 m
12 m
The Lake of San Pellegrino is placed at the feet of Col Margherita, on a terrain of volcanic rocks, surrounded by a nice wood of tamaracks and pines. It is the pearl of the pass, to be discovered on foot, slowly and in silence.
Tamion - Vigo ©Archivio APT Val di Fassa
Snowshoes · Val di Fassa
Soraga di Fassa - Tamion
recommended route Difficulty moderate
4.1 km
1:55 h
333 m
333 m
Excursion from Soraga to Tamion, a small village 4 km from Vigo. It is also reached by Strada de Tamion having left the main road to Costalunga Pass. It is a typical Ladin borough from the past, in a great sunny position and an incredible view of the Sassolungo group, Buffaure and Cima Dodici.
Muncion - Pozza ©Archivio APT Val di Fassa
Winter Hiking · Val di Fassa
Mazzin - Ronch - Pera
recommended route Difficulty moderate
4.5 km
1:20 h
149 m
149 m
Walk from Mazzin to "Muncion", one of those "high" settlements, kissed by the sun, where beautiful views of the Fassa peaks can be enjoyed. There are many rustic houses and hay barns now been converted into homes. 
Campitello - Fontanazzo ©Archivio APT Val di Fassa
Winter Hiking · Val di Fassa
Campitello di Fassa - Fontanazzo - Campestrin
recommended route Difficulty moderate
5.5 km
1:25 h
60 m
60 m
An easy walk from Campitello across the wide, sunny plain between Fontanazzo and Campestrin. 
Someda - Moena - ©Archivio APT Val di Fassa
Winter Hiking · Val di Fassa
Moena - Someda - Ronchi
recommended route Difficulty moderate
5.9 km
1:55 h
198 m
197 m
Easy walk from Moena to the hamlet of Someda, which is located under the "Piz Meda" mountain (that it owes its name to). It's a typical Ladin aggregate with a panoramic view over the entire town and valley. 
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